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Top Five Title Search Errors and How to Prevent Them

Here are the top five errors when inexperienced or lazy abstractors run title search.

One Million Records Missing From County Site

Every title search you do online is an opportunity for a missed document that could someday result in million dollar suit against you.

Title Expert Warns Against Using County Websites

After officials read this white paper they issued disclaimers designed to protect county websites against lawsuits over inaccurate and missing  records.

Wharton County MapWharton County Experts

Wharton, Texas

  No one knows Wharton County real estate, title search and court records better than the people who are in the courthouse everyday working directly with local officials to bring you the kind of professional service only a local expert can.. Connect with Wharton County Abstractors, Public Record Retrievers, Historians, Genealogists and Legal Service Professionals. You'll find Wharton County Clerk, Wharton County Appraisal District, abstractors, county record retrievers, and real estate in Wharton, East Bernard, El Campo, and Jones Creek.

Wharton County Clerk


Wharton, Tx

Wharton County Appraisal District


Wharton, Tx

Wharton County Abstractors and Courthouse Researchers

When law firms, lenders, energy production companies and national title companies need public record information that is accurate and official they rely on local abstractors, document retrievers and landman who physically inspect the Wharton County records at the courthouse.



Montgomery County Civil courts, Probate Courts, Real Estate, Tax liens and Judgements, UCC Records, Vital records, Federal Courts. Summerize recorded or look up documents such as mortgages, Trust Deeds, and contracts affecting title.                                                                                                           Ph: (409) 682-3881     Fax: (281) 554-4305Southeast Texas Abstractors searches Civil courts, Probate Courts, Real Estate, Tax liens and Judgments, UCC Records, Vital records, Federal Courts. Summarize recorded or look up documents such as mortgages, Trust Deeds, and contracts affecting title. Ph: (409) 682-3881 Fax: (281) 554-4305 email: SoEastTXAbstract@aol.com


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