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Amazing People from Motley County, Texas.

These are the stories of the incredible people from Motley County, Texas.

Gun Fight Over a song, Befriending the Comanche, The Angel of the Matador, Bookseller / Bootlegger to the Stars, Jeffrey Dahmer's Final Preacher, Turning a Gas Station into a National Landmark.



Gunfight at Cotton Mott

The names Jim Barbey and Jim Harkey might have faded into obscurity if not for an incident over Harkey singing "Yankee Doodle" at the Cottonwood Mott Line Camp in 1880 . . . read more

Verlon Dale Bigham

Born in 1916 in Roaring Springs, Bigham owned the Bigham IX Ranch in Motley County and had multiple holdings in Lubbock, including . . . read more

Charlie BirdCharlie Bird

As a boy, Charlie ran away from his home in Erath County to work for the Pitchfork Ranch in Dickens County. In 1885 he hired on with the Matador Ranch as a line rider in Motley County . . . continued

Lizzie Campbell - Angel of the Matador

Lizzie Campbell followed her husband, Henry H. Campbell to the Matador Ranch in 1880. At the time, she was one of only two women in the area. Her loving care of the cowboys in the area earned her the nickname "Angel of the Matador." . . . more about Lizzie

Howard D. GravesHoward D. Graves

Graves was born in Roaring Springs, Texas in 1939 to Tommy J. and Velma Lee Clifton Graves . . . more about Lieutenant General Graves

Karen Elliott House

A native of Matador, Texas, House is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and President of Dow Jones International. more about House

David Lee

Lee was born in Matador, Texas in 1944. His award winning poetry captures the true voice of rural communities. Prior to his writing career Lee . . . read more

Murdo MackenzieMurdo Mackenzie - Matador Ranch manager 1891-1903

Born in the highlands of Scotland in 1850, by 1891 he was managing the Matador Land and Cattle Cattle Company. What he did there made him one of the world's great cattle kings. Read more

Ben Douglas MeadorDouglas Meador

Born in 1901 north of Matador, Texas, Ben Douglas Meador is the son of a Matador Ranch cook. Meador started the Matador Tribune . . . read more

Glynard and Wayland Moore

Glynard Moore and Wayland Moore are farmers, ranchers and inventors from Motley County, Texas. The brothers started a company in the family garage in 1985 providing specialized tools to local ranches and cowboy . . . read more

Jesse Powell

Born in Matador, Texas in 1947, Powell was a graduate of Spur High School. He was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins from 1969 to 1973 and played in three Super Bowls. more about Powell

Roy RatcliffRoy Ratcliff

Roy Ratcliff was born in Matador, Texas in 1948. He is a minister and author best known for ministering to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer in prison . . . more about Ratcliff

Stanley Rose

Born in Matador, Texas in 1899, Rose was a bookseller, literary agent and skilled story teller who operated a Hollywood bookshop that he named after himself. According to one account, Rose was also a popular bootlegger . . . read more

Warren "Tex" TilsonWarren E. "Tex" Tilson

Born in Motley County, Texas in 1902 Tilson was a football player and coach for the Washington & Lee Generals from 1922 to 1940. Tilson never forgot his ranching heritage. In 1932 he bought a 426 acre . . . read more.

Albert Carroll Traweek

Doctor Traweek arrived in  Matador, Texas in 1897 and never left. He practiced medicine in Motley County for more than sixty-two years, first as the "saddle bag" doctor . . . read more

Luther Bedford "Bob" Robertson

Bob Robertson came to Matador in the 1920s.  He was a gifted businessman and promoter, and he used any opportunity to market his operation. He kept a cage of live rattlesnakes . . . read more.

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