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Life in Dawson County Texas 1850 - 1950
Majestic Theater in Lamesa Texas in 1949

Majestic Theater in Lamesa Texas in 1949

The Majestic Theater, a former movie house in Lamesa, had been around since the 1920's. A Lamesa Tornado yearbook from 1925 had an ad for The Majestic. This photo is from at least 1949. "Bomba, The Jungle Boy", on the marquee, came out in '49. The Vogue Dress Shop took the place of the theater, either in the late 50's or early 60's. I remember going to the movies here in 50's. I remember the "Serials" on Saturday mornings, which was a short film with a cliffhanger to be resumed the next Saturday. I believe cokes & candy were 10 cents. The stop lights hung in the middle of the intersection. The streets were paved with brick. At one time Lamesa had 3 downtown movie theaters-The Tower, The Palace & The Majestic. Barry Corbin, the famous actor, grew up in Lamesa and he talks about going to The Majestic in his youth. The Mesa Restaurant was east of the theater, and it later became The Green Hut Cafe.

 . . . photo and historical content courtesy Jerry Cotten


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