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Laura Vernon Hamner
Laura Vernon Hamner
Born July 17, 1871, Laura Vernon Hamner was an author, ranch historian, radio commentator, educator, and public official from the Texas Panhandle who was known informally in her later years as "Miss Amarillo", a reference to her adopted city of Amarillo, Texas. In the early 1890s, while she assisted her father in his newspaper work in Claude, she met Charles Goodnight and his wife, Mary Ann, in 1935. Six years after Goodnight's death, she wrote The No-Gun Man of Texas, a novelized biography of the legendary cattleman.


For several years, Hamner taught school while working as postmaster at Claude, Texas, from 1913 to 1921. She then moved to Amarillo and served as the superintendent of Potter County schools from 1922 to 1938.


She devoted much of her life to recording and sharing the history of the Texas Panhandle. She became known for "prowling" the region, interviewing ranchers, cowboys, and pioneers—and once boldly facing gunfire to meet with a former outlaw. Hamner’s books are now regarded as invaluable sources of Texas ranching history.


Hamner published Light ‘n Hitch, a collection of narratives and anecdotes on the social customs and history of the High Plains in Texas, The No-gun Man of Texas, the story of Charles Goodnight 1835-1929 and Short Grass & Longhorns. For thirty years, she wrote several columns for the Amarillo Globe-News, including "Talk to Teens" and "Panhandle Scrapbook." With her friend Phebe K. Warner, Hamner co-founded the association, Panhandle Pen Women, in the 1920s.

Laura Vernon Hamner Died September 20, 1968.


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