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Hartley County Unclaimed Estates

Hartley County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Channing and Dalhart Texas left $25,216 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please Share this with your Family and Friends to Let them know they can collect it from the Texas Comptroller's Office.

It is my sincere hope that the heirs to these Hartley County estates will be able to claim their inheritance. The list below may include estates listed more than once due to multiple claims, misspelled names and incorrect addresses. Check this list carefully to discover money from unclaimed property that may be due your family. There is a link at the bottom where you can search and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.
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Francis Ondracek Estate  $10,375 Dalhart 
Estate of Ricky Guillory  $5,000 Dalhart 
Iegler Estate of Rhonda S Z  $2,450 Channing 
Ethel Ames Estate  $1,146 Dalhart 
Estate of Leo Moore  $983 Dalhart 
Iegler Estate of Rhonda S Z  $660 Channing 
Leroy Bernacki Estate  $606 Dalhart 
Estate of Hugh Gordon  $539 Dalhart 
Marshall Anderson Estate  $533 Dalhart 
Estate of Chester G Warren  $511 Dalhart 
Leroy Biernacki Estate  $361 Dalhart 
Lloyd Williams Estate  $297 Dalhart 
Leroy Biernacki Estate  $283 Dalhart 
Estate of Mary Mcdonald  $220 Dalhart 
Troy Burson Estate Trust  $162 Channing 
Leo H Moore Estate  $152 Dalhart 
Estate of Leo Moore  $140 Dalhart 
Don Mootz Estate  $99 Dalhart 
Estate of G Britz  $98 Dalhart 
Estate of Samuel Casados  $69 Dalhart 
Estate of Robert A Walker  $65 Dalhart 
Estate of Doris E Koester  $61 Dalhart 
Estate of Marian Mckay  $60 Dalhart 
Willie K Turner Estate  $59 Channing 
Estate of S Ziegler  $53 Channing 
Don Mootz Estate  $39 Dalhart 
Don Mootz Estate  $38 Dalhart 
Troy Burson Estate Trust  $38 Channing 
Estate of Leo Moore  $34 Dalhart 
Estate of Marie R Shackelford  $29 Dalhart 
Estate of Geral Mcelroy  $28 Dalhart 
Troy Burson Estate Trust  $28 Channing 

This is a partial list showing only Hartley County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  See unclaimed valued at more than $10,000 or Browse unclaimed estates by county

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


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Texas Unclaimed Property a Division of the Texas Comptroller

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