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Life in Lynn County Texas 1850 - 1950
Grassland School in Lynn County 1924

Grassland School in Lynn County 1924

It's amazing to find a school photo this detailed from a ghost school from 1924. It's a real treasure when someone has hand written the names of the students below the photo. This is the case in this incredible image of the Grassland School in Lynn County Texas.

The community of Grassland Texas was founded in 1888 and grew up around a ranch owned by Enos Seeds and his brother, Thomas. A post office was established at the site on January 12, 1889. It remained operational until May 7, 1900. During the early 1900s, former ranch lands were divided into smaller plots and sold for farming and other agricultural purposes. Grassland School District No. 21 was created in 1916 to serve local students. That same year, Grassland Methodist Church was organized. The community's status as a hub of religious activities was furthered with the organization of two more churches, the Central Baptist Church of Grassland and Grassland Nazarene during the early 1920s. A total of 76 people were living in Grassland by 1930. That number grew to roughly 200 in 1940. On September 26, 1940, high school students from Grassland and several other rural districts were sent to Tahoka, By 1970, Grassland was home to around 60 residents. It remained at that level through 2000. . . . for more like this please see Texas Schools


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