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Life in Erath County Tx 1897 to 1936

Erath County, Texas 1897 to 1936 Faces and places as seen in Stephenville, Huckabay, Dublin, Morgan Hill and Duffau Texas. This was life in Erath County Texas 1897 to 1936


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Public Hanging in Stephenville, Texas 1899Public Hanging of Tom Wright 1899

On November 10, 1899 a crowd of 4,000 gathered in Stephenville, Texas for the last public execution in Erath County. What led to the hanging of Tom Wright who had been convicted of shooting and killing Constable John Adams in nearby Dublin and Wright's final testimony is included in this article.

Farmers Meeting in Huckabay Tx in 1928Erath County Farmers Meet in Huckabay Tx in 1928

In 1928 a group of 33 unnamed Erath County farmers posed for a photo at a meeting in Huckabay, Texas.

Cattle in Downtown Stephenville in 1911

Cattle belonging to A.B. Yearwood at the corner of College and Graham in Stephenville. It was common for farmers and ranchers to drive livestock through the streets at the time.

Roy H Larner's General Store in Morgan Mill Texas in 1930

Photo: Gene Williams

BF Compton's Tanker Wagon

In 1910 a tanker wagon from the BF Compton Hardware store passes in front of the Erath County courthouse. The wagon may have been filled with crude oil from the abundant oil fields of Erath County.

Jim & Byrd Wideman Jackson Wedding Stephenville 1900

Wedding Photo of Jim and Byrd Jackson in 1900

From an article by Janelle Jackson Shirley

"Today was the day, the year 1922. All good-byes had been said and now it was time to walk out the door of their Erath County home for the last time. Ever since the decision was made to move to West Texas, Byrd had tried to reassure her children about leaving their childhood home for a new home in the west" . . . read more


Dublin Bottling Company In Late 1800's

Employees and Customers of Dublin Bottling Works pose for photograph in Dublin Texas, Erath County in the late 1800's

Downtown Dublin Texas on Patrick Street c1890's

Farmers bring cotton harvest on horse-drawn wagons through downtown Dublin on Parker Street past McCampbell & Sons Groceries in late 1800's

Duffau School in 1915

Duffau School students and teacher in Erath County Texas are pictured in this photo from 1915. Duffau is now a ghost town.

Higginbotham Ford Stephenville Tx

Higginbotham Ford Dealership in Stephenville Texas proudly displays their lineup of new Model T's on dirt street.

Hog Jaw Primitive Church Baptist Church in 1935

In 1935 one hundred and twenty five members of the Hog Jaw Primitive Baptist Church gathered for this photo. You may find your parents, grandparents or even yourself in this group.

Huckabay Texas in 1913

Bird's Eye view of street scene in Huckabay Texas looking west in 1913.

J. C. Marr & Son Livery Stable 1911

Four residents of Erath County in 1911 pictured in front of J.C. Marr and Son Livery Stable.

R. E. Cox General Store 1930

Photo from 1930 depicts drayman named "Ross" with his wagon and horse in front of the R.E. Cox Dry Goods store in Stephenville Texas.

Stephenville Bottling Works c1800's

Two Men in front of the Stephenville Bottling Works (Coca-Cola) with horse and wagon.

Stephenville Businesses on Washington Street 1910

Businesses on Washington Street in Stephenville Texas c1910. The unidentified man standing on the Model T  had a reputation as an expert tool sharpener, even though he had no hands.

Speedway at Duffau Texas in 1910

Photo depicts vehicles lined up to enter the Speedway in Duffau, Texas, Erath County.

Dublin Texas Sixth Grade Class 1908Dublin Texas Sixth Grade Class 1908

Twenty four boys and girls appeared with their teacher and the school principal in this class photo in 1908.

Stephenville First Baptist Church 1930

Vehicles line the street at the First Baptist Church in Stephenville while parishioners visit on church lawn in 1930.

First Football Team in Stephenville 1902

John Arendell, Marshall Ferguson, Rich Fagan, Roy Neblett, Brick Cameron, Stonewall Jackson, Roy Geren, Lynn Roberts, Bob Rutherford,Homer Titus, Newt Bruington, Jim Mace, Frank Booher, Bass Syler and Jay Shelton Claude Caver and Cain Jones


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