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Books About Fisher County Texas People and Places
Sometimes the most interesting stories and amazing people come out of the least populated often overlooked places in Texas. With a population of just 3974, Fisher County is just such a place. Here are some of our favorite books about Roby, Rotan, Longworth, McCauley and Pleasant Valley Texas.


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The Empty SchoolhouseThe Empty Schoolhouse: Memories of One-Room Texas Schools

by Luther Bryan Clegg

One- and two-room schools represent a time in Texas history when a child's school term was based on the local crop season and family duties received priority. They were the center of educational, social, political, and religious activity, where children were taught reading and math, couples were united in marriage, funerals were preached, and Friday night socials were held ... The author did most of his research here in Fisher County but gathered stories from several other places . . . read more look inside

The Bloody Legacy of Pink HigginsThe Bloody Legacy of Pink Higgins: A Half Century of Violence in Texas

Pink Higgins was a rugged Texan who lived a life of classic Western adventure. He was a cowboy, Indian fighter, trail driver, stock detective, rancher, and deadly shootist who killed more adversaries than did such noted gunfighters as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Bat Masterson ... Chapter 8 covers the story of the Dutch Luman - Joshua Bostick gunfight outside of Rotan, Texas, on March 3, 1916 . . . Read more Look inside

To Right the Unrightable Wrong

A century ago Americans were still moving west, settling in new states, establishing themselves in new environments. That pattern was followed by the grandparents, then by the parents of Robert L. Pirtle, the author of this autobiography. "How long the family stayed near Dustin is unrecorded, but when Paw Paw next got the wanderlust the family moved again by covered wagon across Texas to Rotan where Mother was born September 25, 1908  " . . . Read more Look inside

Godfather of Poker

The story of Doyle Brunson, an American treasure and the greatest poker player of all time, is one for the ages. Brunson was born August 10, 1933 in Longworth Texas in Fisher County. His story is one  of guts and glory, of good luck and bad, of triumph and unspeakable tragedy, of courage and grace. He has survived whippings, gun fights, stabbings, mobsters (the real-life ones portrayed in the movie Casino), murderers, and a death sentence when, riddled with incurable cancer, he was given months to live by doctors who told him his hand was played out. Apparently, fate had never played poker with Brunson—he lived. Of a group of 32 men he played poker with in the tough alleys of Texas . . . Read more Look inside

Sons of the Republic of Texas

"Joseph Clegg died on July 18, 1889, near Rotan, Fisher County, Texas, and is buried in the Cottonwood Flat Cemetery, Scurry County Texas. During the War Between the States, he shoed horses for the Confederate Army. He was also a private in Company A. Rangers for Frontier Protection, Texas State Troops, C. S. A. " . . . Read more Look inside

We Were Eagles: The Eighth Air Force at War: Volume 1: July 1942 to November 1943

On 4 July 1942, American airmen flew in US-built bombers against a German target for the first time. It was a small operation involving six US crews in Boston medium bombers, but was nonetheless a harbinger of things to come.

"Up to this point the radio operator, Tech Sergeant William C. Dardon of Rotan, Texas, had stayed at his desk sending out the distress signal. 'Lockhart made a nice landing; first our tail hit,' continues Cetnarowski. Then the ball turret sent out a " . . . Read more Look inside

Hide, Horn, Fish, and Fowl: Texas Hunting and Fishing Lore

Jackrabbit Drives (And Other Types Of Rabbit Hunting) In The Pleasant Valley Community, Fisher County, Texas.  by Ruth Cleveland Riddels

Jackrabbit drives were conducted in Fisher County as early as 1920 and continued until after World War II.  During those years the jackrabbit population had increased to the plague proportions . . .  Read more Look inside

Historic Tales of the Llano Estacado

"Holden graduated from Rotan High School in 1914, and after obtaining a teaching certificate from Stamford Junior College, he began a teaching career that continued for fifty two years. While teaching in public schools, Holden attended... " Read more Look inside

Slingin' Sam: The Life and Times of the Greatest Quarterback Ever to Play the Game

Dan Jenkins calls him "the greatest quarterback who ever lived, college or pro." Slingin' Sammy Baugh, who played for TCU and the Washington Redskins, single-handedly revolutionized the game of football. While the pros still wore leather helmets and played the game more like rugby, Baugh's ability to throw the ball with rifle-like accuracy made the forward pass a strategic weapon, not a desperation heave ...

Sammy Baugh spent the last 40 years of his life on the Double Mountain Ranch near Rotan Texas in Fisher County . . . Read more Look inside

The Salt Block: Heartwarming Stories from a Cowboy-Pastor

by Charles Stahl

Bubba Stahl was a cowboy from a very young age, complete with hat, boots, toy guns, stick horses, and red bandana. Bubba was also a Christian at an early age.

"I met Derrell Monday soon after becoming the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Rotan, Texas. He was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Rotan. I was a young pastor just starting out and did not know “sic'em from comeback” about being " . . . Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

The Spider Rock Treasure: A Texas Mystery of Lost Spanish Gold

Hidden in the unforgiving earth of West Texas were clues: archaic clues etched upon buried rocks, stacked as artifacts upon other clues, or carved into rock walls. These centuries-old clues, placed to lead Spaniards back to their cache, eventually formed an intricate web that has lured treasure seekers and captured them in its mystery... The story involves several towns and counties in West Texas; including Rotan, Aspermont, Haskell, Fisher County, Stonewall County and one of the area's most prolific landmarks, the Double Mountains ... Read more

Byrd Cochrain of Dead Man's Corner

This is an unparalleled story filled with pathos and tragedy, but 'The Little Rooster' rode 'tall in the saddle' during his entire life and never lost his undaunted spirit. He is a legend in this area. Many embellished and wild tales have developed of his life, but here readers will find duly recorded and documented facts. Before you pass judgment on this hardy pioneer, 'walk a mile in his boots'. Leaving home because of economic necessity before the age of 12, he aided his parents financially all through the years, but they never understood his problems and way of life . . . Read more

Pistol Packin' Preachers: Circuit Riders of Texas

Circuit riders and other early preachers confronted dangerous outlaws, Indians, wild animals, and Texas' unpredictable weather. Found inside: "... However, Kiefer put himself in idling gear for only a short time. A year and a half later, he married Mrs. Eugene Evans and became active in the community. He was known as a preacher, doctor and county health officer of Fisher County by 1902.  " ... Read more Look inside

Faith Child of Promise

"Marvin L. Ward was born in Denver City, Texas on April 12, 1941.He moved around as a boy until coming to Rotan, Texas. There in a small Baptist church he asks Jesus to come into his life at the ripe age of 12 " . . . Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

Texas Rattlesnake Tales

Rattlesnakes are as much a part of West Texas as cattle, oil, and beautiful sunsets.
Author Tom Wideman, a former chairman of the World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup held every March in the West Texas town of Sweetwater, shares his collection of stories, encounters, and tips about hunting and handling rattlesnakes. He participated in the first Roundup in 1958 as a ticket-taker, then became an avid hunter, contributing his share of the 125 tons of rattlesnakes turned in at the . . . Read more Look inside

If I Can Do It Horseback: A Cow-Country Sketchbook

Found inside: "The Western Windmill Company dealt in well-drilling supplies and equipment and is still operating under the name in a number of West Texas towns. Jake McCall was also a prominent merchant and in later years became owner of the Keystone Ranch in Fisher County, which is still the property of and operated by his heirs . . . "  Read more Look inside

The Worst Towns in the USA

 Welcome to Roby - the richest little borehole in Texas . With Bored being the operative word here because there' s so little to do that even the tumbleweed looks fed - up as it drifts along the . . . Read more Look inside

Cold Heart Thawing: The Zen Poetry of Do Chong—An Anthology of Poetry About Living in the Modern World

by Do Chong Poep Sa

Do Chong Poep Sa was born Paul W. Lynch, the first son of an American Indian/Irishman from Roby, Texas and an Irish mother born in Dalkey just outside Dublin, Ireland. His religious upbringing was quite eclectic; Paul's father is Southern Baptist and his mother was brought up in the Catholic, Protestant and Episcopal Churches. As a young boy he experimented with many different religions, and had many open discussions about faith with both his parents. Paul's father was an aircraft mechanic . . . Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

History of Fisher County Texas

by Hooper Shelton, Mayme Shelton and Fisher County Historical Commission

 Early Settlers of the Panhandle Plains

The panhandle plains were Texas's last frontier, barren lands populated by hostile Comanche and outlaws attempting to outrun civilization. It was Texas Ranger and frontier scout Jim Jackson who first saw potential in the region. They were the point riders who took the challenge of opening Kent, Garza, Crosby, Lynn, Borden, Dawson, Mitchell, Fisher, Scurry, Stonewall, and Nolan Counties to permanent settlement . . . Read more Look inside

Texas Lizards: A Field Guide

"The species is an opportunistic insectivore and primarily employs a sit-and-wait strategy, occupying elevated perches from which it can survey its surroundings. Documented prey items in Eastern Fence Lizard, male, Fisher County, Texas . . . Read more Look inside

1950 Yearbook: Roby High School, Roby, Texas (Reprint)

This copy is a soft cover reprint of a previously owned Roby high school yearbook. Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift, the memories in this yearbook are sure to make someone smile!


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