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Judge: Thousands of Camera Cop Refunds Are In Order


If you've been ticketed by camera cops in Davenport Iowa in the past three years you could be due a refund. A Scott County judge has ruled that a lawsuit stopping Davenport's traffic cameras will be class action.

The ruling clears up whether the lawsuit can cover all drivers who received camera-related tickets and whether drivers are entitled to refunds of their fines.

But Davenport officials say they will appeal Judge Gary McKenrick's ruling. They say the appeal could take months.

The city contends that a class action would include thousands of people, but McKenrick decided that the cost to the city wasn't sufficient reason to keep him from certifying  the case against the city's unpopular money makers.

The judge says the lawsuit met 13 requirements needed to be certified as a class action.

The city began installing speed cameras in January 2006. Five red-light cameras were put up in 2004.

A hearing is scheduled for June 18th to determine the amount of refunds that will be sought and other issues.

For more on this please read:

Judge: Red light cameras are illegal




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