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Famous People from Armstrong County Texas
William A (Pop) Warner
Born August 8, 1864, Warner was a pioneer doctor and organizer of the first Boy Scout troop west of the Mississippi, Lone Star Troop No. 17 in 1912. Dr. Warner moved to Armstrong County in the Texas Panhandle after graduating from medical school on May 31, 1897. For many years, Warner was the only doctor in Armstrong County. He often traveled as far as thirty-five miles from Claude in all types of weather to call on patients. His buggy, drawn by his horse, Old Scarleg, was often a welcome sight to the residents of isolated farms and cow camps; later, beginning in 1908, he made his house calls in a one-cylinder Cadillac.


Warner was said to have delivered over 2,000 babies during his thirty-five years as a physician. In 1909 he erected the two-story Warner Building, which housed his office and drugstore, a barbershop, and the facilities for the Claude News. The second floor was used intermittently as a public reading room and lodge hall. The structure remained a familiar landmark in Claude until March 4, 1915, when it was burned. Warner is most famous as the organizer of Lone Star Troop No. 17, the first Boy Scout troop west of the Mississippi, in 1912, only three years after the movement came to America from England.


Dr. Warner remained active in community affairs until his death at an Amarillo hospital on July 31, 1934. He was buried in the Claude Cemetery.


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