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80 Percent of Voters First Investigate Candidates Online

Get Your Campaign Website Up Now!

Recent surveys show that up to 80% of voters say they use the Internet to get information about candidates before casting their vote.  Even in small towns, the media and key influence-peddlers say that a website is a must for any real campaign. If you've been thinking you couldn't afford a professional website or don't have the time or expertise to design one -- Think again!

It’s hard to believe, but for less than $6 per month you could have a full-featured campaign website live on the Internet by this time tomorrow! And we’re not talking about some basic one page “online brochure.” We’re talking about a real website with all the bells and whistles like email autoresponders, easy-to-use site builder including 450 templates, volunteer signup form, Poll and Survey Software, photo gallery, multimedia streaming, flash and much more!

A professional website will show them you’re serious about winning and and the website reports will tell you how your campaign is resonating with the voters without expensive and time-consuming polling.

Now Anyone Can Create a Full-Featured Campaign Web Site in Minutes

If you can use a word processor, you can build your campaign web site in minutes. The free Site Builder and hundreds of templates make it easy for anyone to set up a professional looking website in no time at all -- even without prior knowledge. If you ever need help for any reason Omnis is their for you with award-winning toll free support 24/7. They even help you promote your election with over $100 in FREE advertisements from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

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