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From foreign language voter rights to the rights of citizens to see their ballots before they cast them to inaccurate voter machines, voting rights are a big issue in 21st Century America

Trashed Voter Registration Cards
Bloated Database Causes Voter Registration Delays
E-Vote Certifier Decertified
Texas Voter Machine Table
Voting Machine Glitches Plague Counties
Voting Machine Vendor Charges 33 Cents Per Paper Ballot
Lawsuit challenges electronic voting in Texas
Federal Agency Condemns Paperless Voting Machines
Electronic Voting System Suffers From "Jitters"
Voting Machines Cut Candidates' Names
Voter Rights Turnabout
Record Number of Voter Rights Lawsuits Filed
Electronic Voting Systems Fail California’s Security Testing
California Bars Voting Machines – US Considers
Kentucky AG Threatens Lawsuit Against Voting Machine Makers
Touch-screen voting problematic and costly
Human Error Blamed For Dade County Ballot Mixup
Military, Overseas Voters Face Hurdles to Casting Ballots
Use Cellphone to Register
Woman Pleads Not Guilty Over Registering Dog To Vote


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