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Taking back photo radar

City expected to cut ties with scandal-plagued vendor

According to the Edmonton Sun, the Edmonton City Council will end its relationship with ‘scandal-plagued’ Affiliated Computer Systems. The council is expected to approve a recommendation for the city to take over administration of photo radar and bid adieu to Affiliated Computer Systems.

ACS faces charges of bribing two local cops after a lengthy Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into the 20-year, $90-million photo enforcement contract. Two Edmonton  police officers also face charges of accepting bribes.

Last December the Edmonton Police Commission recommended the city take over photo radar services for the city. The recommendation came after a consulting firm found that Edmonton could do the job for $2.6 million - about $600,000 less than the cost of paying a private contractor like Dallas-based ACS.

Councilman Kim Krushell commented, "Considering the report, what's going on (with ACS) and the fact that Calgary does just fine administering their own photo radar, it's the right choice."

Coun. Karen Leibovici said she will also support the commission's recommendation because it improves accountability.

"By jointly doing this, the city and EPS ensure that private information remains private, and that the money generated will be kept in the city - minus the portion of tickets that goes to the province - not lining the pockets of a private company."

Coun. Mike Nickel called for radar to be done away with altogether, but until then will support the most cost-effective model.

"Photo radar penalizes vehicles, not drivers," he said. "If we must have it, let's set it up ourselves and staff it with commissionaires, not police."


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Lawsuits Against Red Light and Traffic Cameras

  • Sioux Falls and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. alleging city traffic cameras violate South Dakota state code. (Nov-21-06)

  • City of Davenport, IL alleging city traffic cameras violate Illinois state code. (Aug-30-06)
  • Baltimore City et al. alleging inadequate time on amber lights.
  • San Francisco Motorists Win $400,000 settlement in lawsuit claimed the systems are illegal because they are either operated by for-profit companies, or the company is paid a fee from any tickets issued.
  • Nationwide citizens are reacting to what some call an unethical and possibly illegal money making scheme on the part of municipalities and red light camera vendors. 
  • Click here for legal help and a free evaluation of your possible case