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Government Records Exposed 94 Million Americans to ID Fraud

"Stupidity and negligence" on the part of federal, state and local agencies are putting more and more of us at risk with each passing year according to a recent report in ABC News.


Deputies in Texas and Police in Florida Scammed

Provided access to secure site used by law enforcement.


Courthouse For Sale

How  your private information ends up on computer screens in Pakistan, Nigeria, China and Russia.


County Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts

Allegedly sold 32 years of County Documents



Online Records Linked to Identity Theft, and Worse


National Title Association Warns Against Online Records


Broadcast It To The World? Or Keep It At the Courthouse?

Testimony and motives from those in favor and those against publishing county records online.


County Blocks Access to Online Records Amid Privacy Scare


Courthouse Researchers Could be Due Thousands for Copy Overcharges


How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet

Terrorist use of online county records


Online Counties Blow CIA Cover


Citizens react with outrage, lawsuits

Suits, Charges Plague State Technology Vendors

A long list of law suits and even criminal charges have been brought against many of the best known government technology providers. The accusations include bribery, computer piracy, improper access by foreign entities, privacy breaches, inadequate customer service,  questionable business practices, unjust enrichment, stock option backdating, and foreign ownership.


Abacus Business Systems

Hall County, Nebraska is suing Abacus Business Systems and the company's owners, Will and Joanne Bennett, for repayment of what the county believes was over billing for computer services totaling more than $1.7 million.

(July-28-06) Grand Island Independent

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Deputies in Texas and Police in Florida Scammed

According to a complaint filed by the U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of Florida in Miami. five men ranging in age from nineteen to twenty four are accused of scamming  their way into databases used by law enforcement.

(July-14-06) News for Public Officials


Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)

Alleged bribery involving attempts by ACS to land a $90-million twenty-year no-bid contract. (June-12-06)


Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)

Class-action complaint related to its stock-option practices.

(Sept-07-06) Dallas Morning News


Affiliated Computer Systems

If you are an ACS shareholder


Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (ACS)

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Affiliated Computer Services Inc. Charges against the computer services firm are related to its stock option practices. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas and alleges breaches of fiduciary duty.


Affiliated Computer Systems Inc.

Class action alleges vendor collected twice on parking tickets.

(Sep-25-06) News for Public Officials


ACS and 24 additional vendors.

California Public Employees' Retirement System asked ACS and twenty four other companies to respond to questions about published media allegations of stock option backdating practices  The other companies included Altera Corporation, American Tower, Analog Devices, Brooks Automation, Caremark, Comverse Technology, F5 Networks Inc., Jabil Circuit Inc., KLA-Tencor Corp., Maxim Integrated Products, McAfee, Meade Instruments, Medarex Inc., Nvidia Corp., Openwave Systems, Power Integrations Inc., RSA Security, Safenet Inc., Semtech Corp., Sepracor Inc., Sycamore Networks, Trident Microsystems, UnitedHealth Group, and Vitesse Semiconductor.

(June-12-06) Source of Title Reprinted with permission.


Aditya International / DigiCourt

Federal Court found that Aditya International of India infringed on a copyright held by Digital Filing Systems of Novi, Michigan. Judge ordered county imaging software destroyed. Fourteen counties in Texas received cease and desist orders . . . (Oct-01-05) News for Public Officials


All Vendors Processing Records Overseas

In 2001, Indian workers at Ohio-based Heartland Information Services, threatened to release confidential medical records online unless they received a cash payment from the company.3 In 2003, a Pakistani medical transcriber, subcontracting with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) medical center, threatened to do the same.4 Neither


Staff Report - U.S. House of Representatives


Choicepoint Inc / Reed Elsevier Inc

Two lawsuits seeking class action status in regards to how the state allows public access to drivers' personal information. federal privacy law prohibits the plaintiffs from suing the state, so the suits were filed against the companies who are buying the records.

(June-04-06) News for Public Officials


Computer Associates International Inc. (CA)

Software designed by contractor Computer Associates International Inc. -- already paid more than $6 million by the state -- doesn't work. No one knew it would fail until 2 1/2 years into the project, said members of the Indiana Supreme Court's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee, which is in charge of the project.

March-08-05 Indiana Law Blog


Computer Associates International Inc. (CA)

Sanjay Kumar and Stephen Richards, the former chief executive officer and head of worldwide sales at Computer Associates International Inc. plead guilty to obstruction of justice. Allegedly lied to representatives of the SEC, FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office.



Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), an information technology and business services company, agreed to pay $1,370,000 to settle allegations that it solicited and received improper payments and other things of value on technology contracts with government agencies...

(May-2008) See Whistleblowers may collect $411,000 In Vendor's Settlement


Convergys Corporation

Convergys and the Department of Management Services admit that personnel data for some state employees wound up in India.

     The state wants $5 million from Convergys, partly to punish the company but also to help improve its People First system for more than 100,000 workers whose sensitive data could have been compromised.

March-16-06 Tallahassee Democrat


Diebold Election Systems
$2.6 million settlement  reached with the State of California. The suit was filed in regards to glitches in the election voting systems made by  Diebold. (Nov-12-04) [INTERNET WEEK]


Diebold Election Systems

Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell owned shares of the voting-machine manufacturer. A year earlier he was sued by other manufacturers over contracts that Diebold was up for.

(April-04-06) Associated Press

Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, and Hart InterCivic

The Denver law firm Wheeler Trigg Kennedy LLP is representing a group to halt the use of computerized voting systems in elections.

(June-21-06 News for Public Officials

Diebold Election Systems

“Overall, this election was handled in such a way that we have no reason for confidence in the results,” famed election attorney Paul Lehto said of California’s 50th Congressional District special election between Francine Busby and Brian Bilbray.
July-31-06 The Raw Story

Election Systems and Software

Marion County filed a lawsuit against the Omaha based company alleging faulty ballot design, uncertified software for tabulating votes, inadequate customer service, and questionable business practices since the 2003 general election. ES&S has agreed to pay a service credit of $750,000 cash to the county election board, another $750,000 to cover the cost of printing kits for electronic voting machines for the disabled, and it will also reimburse all legal expenses incurred at $217,000 in cash. (Jul-28-05) WISH TV



Convergys accuses GDXdata of Denver of misleading them, which  let government records slip overseas placing 100,000 government workers at risk

(March-16-06) Tallahassee Democrat

Hart InterCivic

Seeking to keep Travis County from using its electronic voting system in upcoming elections, an Austin civil rights group claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that the system violates state law because it doesn't produce paper ballots.

(June-05-06) News for Public Officials.


Hart InterCivic

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Steve Smith  believes that the final tally does not include legal votes cast for Smith in Armstrong, Cass, Childress, Dimmit, Kent, Limestone and Lynn counties. Final tally may include illegal votes for Willett in Galveston, Gregg, Tarrant and Winkler counties and does not include legal votes for Smith in Gregg, Tarrant and Winkler counties.

(April-08-06) News for Public Officials


Humanscale Corporation / Softview Computer Products

Department of Justice announced a $9 million settlement agreement to resolve allegations that the company overcharged the government.

(Jun-30-05) Fraud Digest

Imagitas Inc.

Lawsuits filed in Florida, Ohio and Missouri

Allegedly violated the Driver's Privacy and Protection Act by placing ads in registration packets.

(Sept-25-06) News for Public Officials


Mainline Corporation

According to federal prosecutors, the County Clerk received $60,000 bribe to provide the county's imaging and database contract. (July-18-06) News for Public Officials

Oregon State Pension Board

Approximately 1,900 retired government employees will be asked to repay an average of nearly $28,000 each because their pension board put too much money into benefit accounts in 1999. But a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) retirees, claiming the Oregon state pension board cannot get back money from retirees by billing them or lowering their monthly payments, citing a 2003 law that limits it to taking the money from other PERS accounts. If all employees pay up, the total will amount to $53 million.

Segal Group

The Segal Group, a New York-based consulting firm the state of Vermont had used to help it put the health management contract out to bid was blamed for a breach that published  care providers' sensitive information including Social Security numbers on the State' Website Human Resources Commissioner Linda McIntire said in an interview that Gov. Jim Douglas "is furious, and that's an understatement."

At least several hundred, likely more doctors, psychologists and others were put at risk of identity theft.



U.S. states ask questions about foreign ownership of Oakland-based Sequoia. (June-19-06) Tri-Valley Herald (Article no longer available on Web)

Tandem Computers, Inc.
Agreed to pay the United States $1.9 million to settle allegations it failed to tell the government about discounts it offered to commercial customers

(Oct-10-94) Fraud Digest



Tapes containing sensitive health and welfare and personal information from the Canada Employment and Income Assistance ministry have gone missing from an undisclosed Telus storage facility in Victoria.  Poor record-keeping at the facility, which is run by Telus, means it's impossible to confirm exactly what happened to the 31 tapes. 'Hundreds of thousands' of files were on missing tapes.

(Sept-12-06) Times Colonist


Tyler Technologies

City officials in Ventura, California filed a $1.7 million civil lawsuit against Tyler. The suit charges that company officials intentionally and negligently misrepresented their products and services.

According to the complaint filed in California Superior Court ."Tyler missed every single deadline and milestone set forth in the contract and was unable to make even one of the 19 modules operational,"

Tyler Technologies

Spokane Regional Health District officials have stopped paying bills from Tyler Technologies Inc., a firm they are considering suing for selling them a $200,000 financial software system they say doesn't work.

(July-02-06) Spokesman Review



Unisys Corp.

As many as 38,000 veterans may be at risk of identity theft because a subcontractor Unisys lost a desktop computer containing their sensitive personal data.  Unisys said the information includes names, address, medical information, Social Security numbers and dates of birth of veterans who sought treatment at VA medical centers.

(Aug-07-06) Government Computer News


Virginia Bureau of Insurance, IT Department

In an advisory dated August 8th, 2006, Ken Schrad, Director of Virginia's Division of Information Resources announced that the State's Bureau of Insurance Website published the Social Security numbers of every insurance agent licensed in the state. The personal information of as many as 202,000 agents may have been exposed.

Aug-15-06 News for Public Officials



A lawsuit filed in federal court contains an allegation that two Montgomery County Commissioners leaked information to a favored vendor during contract bidding process.

(April-28-07) News for Public Officials

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