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Stephnie Weir
Stephnie Weir

Comedian and actress Stephnie Weir was born in Odessa, Texas November 28, 1967. She attended Odessa Junior College where she studied theater and broadcasting. Following that she went on to attend Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, were she studied anthropology and women's studies.


In Los Angeles, Ms. Weir spent five seasons as a writer/performer on Mad TV.

She could also be seen on the ABC comedy, Big Day. She joined the cast of MADtv in 2000 as a feature performer. She was promoted to a repertory performer status the following season.


Weir's most famous characters on Madtv include Dot, Dr. Kylie Johnson, Dorothy Lanier, Angela Wright and Mrs. Campbell. Although most of her  characters were made up by her imagination, Mrs. Campbell is based on Weir's real life Texan grandmother.


Weir announced she would leave MADtv in 2005 but she was persuaded to stay on the show until halfway through season 111


In film, Ms. Weir appeared in 2005 Fun with Dick and Jane and stars in independent features, Eden Court and Moonpie as Candy Peterson in 2006. Her latest appearance in film is in Wild Honey where she plays the part of Esther. In 2019 she appeared on TV in The Goldbergs episode titled "100% True Ghost Story"




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