Life in Somervell County Tx 1912 to 1940


Somervell County, Texas in 1912 to 1940 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. Click on photos to enlarge


Store buildings on square. Glen Rose, Tx in 1939Store buildings on square in Glen Rose Texas in 1939

Very clear image of J.F. Reynolds Cash Grocery next door to their competitor and a cafe specializing in Fish and 10 cent beer . . . see it full size

Bank Corner in Glren Rose TexasBank Corner Glen Rose Texas in 1939

Group of men hang out at bank building next to J. E. Ward's Tailor Shop in Glen Rose Texas in 1939 . . . look closer

Courthouse. Glen Rose, Tx 1939Somervell Courthouse in Glen Rose, Tx 1939

Note the large milk cans set out by the curb in this huge photo.

Farmers talking Downtown Glen Rose,Tx in 1939Farmers Talking in Downtown Glen Rose in 1939

Farmers chat over cotton seed sacks in Glen Rose in 1939. One of the farmers is wearing something unusual on his cap. A passer-by appears to be trying to figure out what it is . . . look closer

Street Scene Glen Rose TX 1939

Street Scene in Glen Rose in 1939

Family Outing Near Glen Rose in 1912Family Outing Near Glen Rose in 1920

In 1920 a family loaded up their covered wagon and went for family outing to a nice spot near Glen Rose

Glen Rose Swimming Park in 1930Glen Rose Swimming Park in 1930

Sometime in the 1930s Lifeguards and swimmers posed on the foot bridge at the Glen Rose Swimming Park

YWCA Pool in Glen Rose Texas in 1939

YWCA Pool in Glen Rose Texas in 1939


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