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Life in Schleicher County Tx 1939



Life in Schleicher County Texas

Auctioneer at horse sale, Eldorado, Tx 1939Auctioneer at horse sale in Eldorado in 1939
Clerk at horse auction, Eldorado, Tx 1939Clerk at horse auction, Eldorado Texas 1939
Sitting On Top of Grandstand RoofSitting On Top of Grandstand Roof


Young Horse Trader Gets Advice from Old TimerYoung Horse Trader Gets Advice from Old Timer


Dairy Worker Eldorado Texas in 1939Dairy Worker in Eldorado Texas in 1939
Horse Owner Pleas for Higher Bid in 1939 Horse AuctionHorse Owner at  Schleicher County Auction Pleas for Higher Bid


Looking Horse in Mouth At Auction in 1939Looking Horse in Mouth At Auction in 1939

Straight from the Horses Mouth. In this huge photo an auctioneer looks into a horse's mouth to determine the age as hundreds of spectators watch.

Horse Auction in El Dorado Texas in 1939Horse Auction in El Dorado Texas in 1939


Texan and son sitting on fence at horse auction, Eldorado, Tx 1939Man and Son Watch Horse Auction in 1939
Cowboys talking at horse auction, Eldorado, Tx 1939Talking it Over at Horse Auction in  Eldorado in  1939
West Texan. Eldorado, Tx 1939West Texas Cowboy at Auction in Eldorado
Horse Traders and Handlers Squat below FenceHorse Traders and Handlers Squat below fence

In 1939 Horse Traders and handlers squat below fence to allow bidders a better view

Horesmen sitting on fence Eldorado, Tx 1939Horsemen Sitting on Fence in Eldorado Texas
Dr Taylor's Dairy Schleicher County Tx 1939Dr Taylor's Dairy Farm in 1939

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