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Life in San Augustine County Tx 1939 to 1943


San Augustine County, Texas from 1939 to 1943 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. If you like these images, you can browse and view more than a thousand images of early life in San Augustine County and throughout the state in eBay's Historical Texas Collection. . .


San Augustine Courthouse Steps 1939

1939 Street Scene, San Augustine Tx

Loading supplies into wagon San Augustine Texas 1939

Changing license plates 1939

County Clerk San Augustine Tx 1939

Baseball Dugout San Augustine Tx 1939

Grade School Baseball Game San Augustine 1939

Farmer leaning on post San Augustine TX 1939

Gas Station San Augustine 1939

Linotype operator San Augustine Tx 1939

Farm Children in Wagon San Augustine TX 1939

San Augustine Cut Price Store 1939

Movie Theatre San Augustine TX Movie Theatre 1939

Wagon Trip to San Augustine Texas 1939

Schools at War San Augustine County Tx 1943

Typhoid vacine rural school San Augustine County Tx 1943

Original photos and negatives are archived in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress.


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