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Randall County Unclaimed Estates

Randall County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Randall County left a total $50,904 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please Share this with your Family and Friends in Randall County, Canyon and Umbarger Texas and let them know they can collect it from the Texas Comptroller's Office. There is a direct link in the article to the Texas comptroller's page where you can make a claim. It is my sincere hope that someone here will be able to claim their inheritance.

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Estate of Kent Wilhelm $11,025 Canyon
Estate of Emma Hicks $9,776 Canyon
Louella J White Estate $6,078 Canyon
Estate of Bettye M Lowry $5,060 Canyon
Estate of Prichard Frank G $3,686 Canyon
Estate of Maxine P Coursey $2,745 Canyon
Estate of Betty F Lindsey $2,522 Canyon
Estate of Geraldine Sherrieb $1,314 Canyon
Estate of Mary P Grove $1,302 Canyon
Virginia Stanley Estate $1,137 Canyon
Estate of Manuel Jiminez $894 Canyon
Sula Collins Estate $622 Canyon
Estate of Hutton Ler $500 Canyon
Estate of Amy Q Lee $466 Canyon
Estate of Ruby A Wochner $374 Canyon
Estate of E B Posey $363 Canyon
Estate of Fanny Reed $309 Canyon
Estate of George Sorrell $300 Canyon
Estate of Bonita Barrett $299 Canyon
Estate of Kathryn J $260 Canyon
Estate of Bryce Slack $159 Canyon
Estate of Gary W Fra $126 Canyon
Estate of Robert Herrington $109 Canyon
Estate of Clara Ellen Johnson $106 Canyon
Estate David Mckay $97 Canyon
Estate of Kenneth D Blackw $97 Canyon
Georgia Graves Estate $93 Canyon
Estate of Fermin F Montano $85 Canyon
Estate of Fermin F Montano $75 Canyon
Estate of Jack Torbert $69 Canyon
Estate of Kenney $62 Canyon
Estate of Mable Anderson $61 Canyon
Estate of Wilma Hixson $56 Canyon
Estate of Bill Horner $46 Canyon
Ben Abbott Estate $45 Canyon
Estate of Melba E Smith $45 Canyon
Kenney Michael A Estate $42 Canyon
Estate of Joe D Brewton $41 Canyon
Walker Edward Estate $41 Umbarger
Clyde James Gray Estate $40 Canyon
Estate of Thelma Cherry $39 Canyon
Clyde James Gray Estate $39 Canyon
Clyde James Gray Estate $39 Canyon
Estate of Roy D De Fries $38 Canyon
Estate of Chester L Rupert $37 Canyon
EstateJoyce Nall $35 Canyon
Clyde James Gray Estate $34 Canyon
Clyde James Gray Estate $32 Canyon
Estate of Sarah K Cameron $32 Canyon
Estate of Mcdowell, Vela B $30 Canyon
Estate of Sarah Gallier $26 Canyon

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Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


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Randall County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Randall County Unclaimed EstatesThese Deceased Residents of Randall County Left a total $50,904 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Randall County, Canyon and Umbarger Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office. . . see the list

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