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Rains County Appraisal District (CAD)

Hwy. 69, #725
Emory, Texas 75440-9998

Phone: 903-473-2391

Fax: 903-473-4040
Web address: http://www.rainscad.org/

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Rains County property search for real estate taxes, property tax appraisals, unclaimed estates, property tax protest, tax sales, unclaimed property and foreclosures in Emory, East Tawakoni, Point, Dougherty, Hogansville, Ginger, Bright Star, and Flats Texas.

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Featured Item from Rains County Texas

Rare Artifacts, Books, Memorabilia and Historical Documents from Emory, East Tawakoni, Point, Dougherty, Hogansville, Ginger, Bright Star, and Flats.

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Rains County Property Tax Exemptions and Discounts

The Rains County Appraisal District has information on exemptions and discounts for property tax that may apply to you. One popular exemption could reduce your Rains County property taxes by up to $1500 a year and it's available to all homeowners who you live in their homes. More exemptions are available if you are over 65, disabled, or a veteran. In addition to local property tax exemptions, there are Federal tax rebates for people who live in Rains County and make energy efficient improvements.



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