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Quality vs. Quantity: Which Is Best for Your Campaign?

By Mark Montini

Every campaign at every level must constantly choose between quantity and quality when it comes to campaign communication.  Unfortunately, what looks like the right choice often turns into a vote-costing nightmare for many campaigns.  This Hot Tip provides the info you need to make the right Quality versus Quantity decision on your campaign.

One of our recent Campaign Quick Tips encourages you to focus on quality, not quantity, when it comes to your campaign communication. Specifically, it warns “Talking to everyone results in communicating to no one.”
This week’s Hot Tip will address this subject in-depth and provide specific examples of how you can make sure your campaign doesn’t make this common mistake.

When you get right down to it, your campaign communication efforts are nothing more than good old fashioned direct marketing. You’re sending a marketing piece to voters asking them to “buy” your candidate.

Just like in the retail world, the success of that marketing piece isn’t measured by how many people receive it or how well it’s designed. Its success is measured by how many people actually purchased the product it was selling relative to the cost of sending the marketing piece.

Ask any successful direct marketer and they’ll tell you that the #1 key to success is the list they market to. In most cases, there is an inverse relationship between the size of the list and results it gets. The larger the list, the worse the results. The smaller the list, the better the results. . .



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