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Life in Presidio County Texas 1850 - 1950

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Bloys Cowboy Camp Meeting in 1890sBloys Cowboy Camp Meeting in 1890s

Rev. Dr. W. B. Bloys, a Presbyterian home missionary, arrived in Fort Davis in 1888 and made his rounds to cow camps and ranch homes. The Bloys Camp Meeting, the original Cowboy Camp Meeting was first held October 10, 1890 when a small group of cowboys and ranch families met . . . continue reading

Marfa Street Scene Panorama 1907-1917 (CR)Marfa Street Scene Panorama 1907-1917

Panoramic view of Downtown Marfa Texas in early 1900s

Photo at left is just a small portion of this huge photo. See it full size


Marfa Texas Downtown Parade in 1920sMarfa Texas Downtown Parade in 1920s

The parade in Marfa was quite a site to see in the 1920s. There's some very creative early floats on display.

Chuck and Bedroll Wagon Near Marfa in 1939Chuck and Bedroll Wagon Near Marfa

Two Cowboys ride a chuck and bedroll wagon near Marfa Texas in 1939

Cowboy eating dinner aftoer roundupCowboy Eating Dinner After Roundup 1939

A weary cowboy eats from pewter plate after the roundup of 1939 in Presidio County Texas


Chuck Wagon Passing Cars in Marfa in 1938

Amazing detail in this photo of a chuck wagon passing between two cars near Marfa Texas in 1938

Cowboy Sharpens Knife 1939Cowboy sharpening knife near Marfa Tx 1939

Presidio County Cowboy Sharpens his pocket knife in 1939 as he prepares to turn young bulls into steers

Presidio County cowboy tying up tarps 1939Presidio County cowboy tying up bedroll 1939

In this photo from 1939 a cowboy prepares to break camp by rolling up and tying the camp tarps.

Cowboys sitting on fence Marfa Tx 1939Cowboys sitting on fence Marfa Tx 1939

Five Cowboys on a ranch near Marfa Texas posed on a corral fence in 1939

Fighting fire at Busy Bee Store Marfa Tx 1920Fire in Downtown Marfa Texas in 1920

In 1920 a fire broke out at the Busy Bee Store in Marfa Texas. Citizens formed a bucket brigade on the roof of the real estate office next door while others watched and one early photographer caught the event in the incredible old photo.


Hotel Paisano Marfa Texas 1937Hotel Paisano Marfa Tx 1937

Early cars line the street in this photo of the Hotel Paisano from 1937. The Paisano opened in 1930 and may be best known as the location headquarters for the cast and crew of the film Giant . . . Read more

Tank wagon near Marfa 1939Tank Wagon Near Marfa 1939

A cowboy straddles the tank on a wagon pulled by two mules up an incline on a highway in Marfa in 1939. The tanker wagon has a utility wagon attached and is followed by another wagon.

Scenic View Presidio County in 1915Scenic View Presidio County Tx 1915

Two pack mules followed by two cowboys make their way up a steep incline in Presidio County in 1915.


Cowboy Reclines in Wagon on Highway to MarfaCowboy Reclines in Wagon on Highway to Marfa

In 1939 a cowboy reclined in his wagon on the  highway to Marfa Texas as two mules pull him to the top of the hill.

Walking X Ranch Owner in 1939


Walking X Ranch Headquarters 1939Walking X Ranch Headquarters 1939


Mexican cowboy on ranch near Marfa, Tx 1939Mexican cowboy on ranch near Marfa 1939



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