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Surry County residents have a treasure in Carolyn Comer

Janice Forster - North Carolina Paralegal and FindMyId researcher


During a discussion on the increase of ID theft in NC, a friend mentioned that the Surry County Register of Deeds office wasn't online.  When I expressed surprise, she said Carolyn Comer stated it would be online when she had the permission of each and every citizen of that county.   

Surry County Register of Deeds Carolyn ComerMrs. Comer is sort of a legend among abstractors in this state, and statements such as the one my friend shared certainly explain why.  Being in the NC courthouses every day, we're acutely aware of the sensitive information your documents hold and how dangerous online record keeping can be.  The buzz these days is the danger of social security numbers, which too many documents do contain, but equal dangers include your home address, copies of your signatures, and even complete inventories of households when filed as separation agreements. 

I don't know Mrs. Comer or whether what my friend shared is an exact or even accurate quote, but it encouraged me to look online at her election bio with North Carolina's Board of Elections page and what I read convinced me the statement was probably true.  Written several years ago, Mrs. Comer promised,  "My top priority is just trying to be a good register of deeds and custodian of our records, safeguarding our records".   

Since most citizens rarely have need to visit their local Register of Deeds, I want to make sure all Surry County residents know what a treasure you possess in Mrs. Comer.  In a time when most NC Registries are selling out their own citizens to online publishing at the urging of data brokers, software companies, or simply for the sake of convenience, Mrs. Comer's promise and dedication to her constituents holds strong.  

Editors Note: Janice Forster is a senior analyst with . She has helped hundreds of identity theft victims and potential victims discover and remove their sensitive information from government websites. Her work was recently featured in U.S.A Today's Good cybercitizens keep watch over ID-theft victims.

You can write Jan at

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