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True Stories of Amazing People and Places in Texas

Life in Potter County Tx 1899 to 1943


Potter County, Texas from 1910 to 1943 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers in Amarillo, Bishop Hills, Ady, Boden, Bushland, Chunky, Cliffside, and Gentry Texas.

Gypsy Motorcycle Club in Amarillo 1929Gypsy Motorcycle Club in Amarillo Texas in 1929

In 1929 the Gypsy Motorcycle Club was on tour and posed for this huge old photo in Amarillo Texas. . . . See it full size

Roster of Camp Stonewall Jackson Veterans 1902Roster of Camp Stonewall Jackson Veterans 1902

July 1902 The Stayer in Canyon Texas published the roster the Camp Stonewall Jackson Camp. The list includes former soldiers from across the Texas Panhandle including, Lockney, Canyon, Amarillo, Silverton and Plainview and complains the list is incomplete due to the fact Dr. Norris took off with the records in 1900 . . . read this valuable tool for historians and genealogists

Things To Do in Amarillo Texas in 1899Things To Do in Amarillo Texas in 1899

Toss down some medicinal liquor at the XL Saloon, Eat some hot tamales at the New Chile Stand, get a bath and a haircut at J.T. Parks Tonsorial Parlor, get your wagon fixed at Ridings & Co Blacksmithing, get a furnished room for 25 cents at The Old Reliable in the Bush Building above Turner's Drug Store . . . more

Street Car on Polk Street 1912Street Car on Polk Street in 1912

By 1912, Polk Street was central to the bustling center of commerce in Amarillo. Many visitors relied on one of the first motorized street cars in Texas . . . view full size


Duck Hunting in Potter County in 1909

Duck hunting in the area around Amarillo was more than a popular sport in 1909 . . . continued

Out of Money, Out of Gas, Running Low on Hope

Amarillo was a crossroads for families fleeing the dust bowl and depression. This family was on the way to New Mexico but ran out of gas somewhere in Potter County . . . View Larger and Read More

Steam Tractor Plowing Farm Near Amarillo Tx around 1910

A. M. Archambault & Company developed the first farm steam engine in 1849. The steam engine was later expanded into the steam traction engine with powered wheels and steering capabilities . . . view full size

Polk Street  Amarillo Tx 1914Polk Street in 1914

Street Scene showing Dillard's, Drug Store, Nunn's Store, and shoppers dodging Model A's and T's to cross the street . . . full size image


Amarillo - A block on Main Street date unknownAmarillo Street Scene Late 1800's

Showing horse drawn wagons and boot shop. zoom in

Amarillo Tx Mother-In-Law Day 1938Amarillo Invented Mother-In-Law Day in 1934

Mother-in-Law Day was first observed on March 5, 1934, in Amarillo Texas, where it was started by Gene Howe, editor of the local newspaper and publisher of the "Tactless Texan" newspaper column after he somehow offended his mother-in-law Nellie Donald . . . read more

Dust Storm Amarillo Tx 1936

Amarillo was no stranger to the horrible dust storms of the dust bowl days of the 1930's

Poker game Amarillo Tx 1939Poker game in Amarillo Tx 1939

Poker game in Amarillo Texas in 1939 using match sticks for chips. Don't let the match sticks fool you. Some of these games could be extremely high stakes. Amarillo Slim made a fortune as gambler at games like this.

Okie Car Passing Through Amarillo Tx 1941Oklahoma Car Arrives in Amarillo Texas in 1941

Oklahoma car arrives in Amarillo in 1941 with all the family's belongings tied to the car with baling wire. Zoom in on this "Okie Car"


Steam Locomotive in Amarillo Texas 1910

Industry in Amarillo began with railroads, cattle and merchandising. The first Fort Worth & Denver City passenger train arrived in Amarillo in March of 1888 from Clarendon, which was the former terminal . . . more

Grand Opera House Amarillo Texas in 1910

The Grand Opera House as it appeared in 1910. Later renamed the Olympic Theatre, the structure on Polk Street was destroyed by a fire on November 27, 1919 and replaced by Colbert's Department Store. see more photos and history

Grain Elevator Potter County Tx 1942Grain elevator in small town in Potter County, Tx 1939

Almost every small town in the panhandle had a grain elevator dominating the skyline. This one is in a small town in Potter County shows trucks lined up to unload freshly harvested wheat in 1939. The elevator would lift the entire truck . . . continued

Railroad Yardmaster in Amarillo Tx 1943

Amarillo Yardmaster at work in 1943. Yardmasters review train schedules and switching orders and coordinate activities of workers engaged in railroad traffic operations, such as the makeup or breakup of trains and yard switching.view full size


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