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Voter & Election Issues

Police Investigate Undercover Video of State Rep's Son


Police in Arlington County, Va., have launched a criminal probe to investigate the voter fraud controversy swirling around an undercover video of the son of Virginia State Rep. Jim Moran. The video allegedly shows Patrick Moran discussing ways to commit voter fraud by casting ballots on behalf of 100 voters who were otherwise not likely to vote. Patrick Moran was serving as field director for his father's campaign at the time but resigned after the controversial video was released.


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The video, dated Oct. 8 and posted by conservative activist James O’Keefe does not explicitly show Patrick Moran advocating or condoning the suggestion to cast ballots on behalf of voters the campaign worker says are unlikely to show up Nov. 6.

Moran appears to offer tips on how to possibly skirt Virginia’s new voter identification laws by using forged utility bills but also attempts to discourage the worker from carrying out the scheme, saying he should instead join get-out-the-vote efforts.

In the video, posted on the Project Veritas Web site, Patrick Moran suggests using forged utility bills as proof of voter eligibility. But he warns that fake documentation will have to “look good” to pass muster with poll workers. At several turns, Moran attempts to talk down the volunteer.

Moran later offers that the worker might pose as a pollster to determine whether the voters he is considering using actually plan to cast ballots between now and Election Day. Near the end of the video, which lasts about 20 minutes, Moran tells the worker, “I respect your initiative.”

Posted 10-29-12

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