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Petition Asks Congress to Protect Military Identities

Federal intelligence agencies have long known that terrorists use identity theft to facilitate and fund attacks on US citizens at home and abroad. Unfortunately,  the Department of Defense may be unintentionally providing terrorists with critical information about military personnel.

Members of the U.S. armed forces recently launched a petition asking the US Congress to enact laws requiring the Department of Defense to protect the full Social Security numbers of all service men and women. The DOD practice of using social security numbers as military ID numbers puts members of the military and their families at risk of identity fraud, invasions of privacy, and other dangers. A reader notified NFPO of the petition after reading 4 Numbers that Stand Between You and Your Criminal Clone.

The DOD uses Social Security numbers to identity members on identity cards, “dog tags” and other documents. News for Public Officials highlighted the risk the policy poses to military men and women in US Vet Jailed for Crimes of Foreign Imposter. In this case, returning veteran Alfredo Richard Toscana Jr. was arrested and jailed for crimes committed by an illegal alien in the soldier’s name.

The petition points out that redacting the first 5 digits is simply a “half measure” because the full number still appears on other shared documents, as well as the “dog tags” that fall into the hands of terrorists and other enemies if our service men are captured.

Forcing our captured soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to provide their confidential social security number to terrorists or other enemy elements is OUTRAGEOUS, and directly impacts the safety and well being of family members at home, and our national security.

The brave men and women of our armed forces deserve better!

Please join the Military Service Number Privacy & Security Petition and ask Congress to guard the identities of our service men and women. You can read and sign the petition at

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