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Colorado legislation will de-criminalize administering animal massage without veterinary supervision.
Carbondale, CO, June 20, 2008 --( Do you know that your animal can not get a massage in the state of Colorado without direct veterinary supervision? Would you like to take your animal to a massage therapist, acupressurist, reiki practitioner, communicator or other type of cooperative practitioner? Do you want to pay your vet to directly supervise these practitioners?

House Bill 1042 will make this possible by de-criminalizing the act of administering animal massage without veterinary supervision. Representative Wes McKinley and Senator Greg Brophy are the sponsors of this important bill for animal owners that sailed through the House and the Senate this winter with unanimous approval. If signed by Governor Ritter in the coming weeks, HB 1042 will pave the way for animal massage practitioners to practice their trade without veterinary supervision.

The bill sets an educational standard for practitioners which was paramount in gaining the much needed support and respect of the veterinary community. Setting a standard will also help to make the practice of animal massage more credible and consistent thereby giving animal owners more peace of mind.

Members of the Colorado Alliance for Animal Owners’ Rights (CAAOR) worked for the second year in a row to educate the legislators on the importance of the bill and gain the full support of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. Senator Brophy, who voted against the more broadly worded bill in 2007, agreed to sponsor the revised bill in 2008, which he now calls “my pet the puppy bill”.

The bill will likely be written into law by August, clearing the way for animal owners to lawfully choose from an ever growing population of animal massage practitioners providing massage, acupressure and other bodywork aimed at maintaining the health and prolonging the lives of Colorado’s many beloved pets.

Lisa Speaker is the founder of the Colorado Alliance for Animal Owners’ Rights and the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.

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