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Least Populated Counties in Texas

Loving County TX
King County TX
Kenedy County TX
Borden County TX
McMullen County TX
Kent County TX
Roberts County TX
Terrell County TX
Motley County TX
Sterling County TX
Glasscock County TX
Foard County TX
Stonewall County TX
Cottle County TX
Briscoe County TX
Throckmorton County TX
Irion County TX
Edwards County TX
Armstrong County TX
Oldham County TX
Menard County TX
Jeff Davis County TX
Culberson County TX
Dickens County TX

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Famous People from Edwards County, Texas including Ross Reynolds, Bill Jackman, Gilmer Hernandez and Reba Z Whittle

Bill Jackman - William "Cannonball" Jackman born in Carta Valley Edwards County, Texas was a baseball pitcher in the Negro Leagues. He played from 1925 to 1942 with several teams.


Bill Jackman - William "Cannonball" Jackman
Ross Reynolds born in Barksdale Texas, nicknamed "Doc", was a Major League Baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers in 1914 and 1915.


Gilmer Hernandez  is a former Sheriff’s Deputy of Edwards County, Texas from Rocksprings, Texas who was convicted on a charge of violation of civil rights of an illegal alien. The guilty verdict surprised the Rocksprings community and triggered many responses, most in opposition to the verdict. He was released from jail after serving 10 months of the 366-day sentence.
Reba Z Whittle was born in Rocksprings, Edwards County, Texas. She was the only American military female prisoner of war in the European Theater during World War II after her casualty evacuation aircraft was shot down in September 1944.

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