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Famous People from Dickens County, Texas.

Dickens County is one of the least populated counties in America but the accomplishments of of its talented residents bring national and world wide acclaim.


Charlie Bird

As a boy, Charlie ran away from his home in Erath County to work for the Pitchfork Ranch in Dickens County. In 1885 he hired on with the Matador Ranch as a line rider in Motley County . . . continued


Tooter Cannon born Charles Weldon Cannon in tiny Afton Texas in Dickens County in 1915. He was a renowned boot and saddle maker. A Tooter Cannon saddle . . .read more


Marshall Formby was raised in McAdoo and Spur both in Dickens County. He was a Texas attorney, newspaper publisher, radio executive, and a Democratic politician who  . . . read more

Clint FormbyClint Formby 

Renowned radio broadcaster called the "Old Philosopher" who was born in McAdoo, Dickens County, Texas in 1923 . . . read more

Jim Humphreys 

Born in1921 and moved to Dickens County in 1949. Humphreys was a prominent Texas rancher and manager of the Pitchfork Ranch in Dickens and King counties. Former board chairman of the National Ranching Heritage Center . .  .  more

Robb Kendrick was born in 1963 in Spur, Texas. He is a famous photographer who has photographed 16 feature stories for National Geographic magazine . . . read more

Aaron Latham is a native of tiny Spur in Dickens County in West Texas who wrote the book that inspired the Movie Urban Cowboy . . . read more

Red McCombs

Billy Joe "Red" McCombs was born in Spur Texas in 1927. A natural born entrepreneur, by the age of ten he was in business for himself.  McCombs was named one of Forbes magazine's top 400 richest Americans in 2005 . . read more

Jesse Powell

Born in Matador, Texas in 1947, Powell was a graduate of Spur High School. He was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins from 1969 to 1973 and played in three Super Bowls. more about Powell

Unknown Cowboy

Do you recognize this West Texas cowboy? His picture has been in hundreds of magazines and newspapers all over the world. The unknown cowboy was working on the SMS Ranch near Spur, Texas  in 1939 when . . . read more.

Books about Dickens County People and Places

Books about Dickens CountyBooks about about Dickens, Afton, Mcadoo and Spur Texas

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