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Life in Pecos County Texas 1850 - 1950

Pecos County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Warnock Family Home in 1924Warnock Family Home in 1924

In 1924 Roland Warnock, Frank Warnock and Knox Duckworth posed for this wonderful old photo at the Warnock family home place near Fort Stockton in Pecos County Texas. Frank Warnock was a cowboy and pioneer road builder. Frank Warnock had a long career in science education.

Fort Stockton Texas National Bank in 1920Fort Stockton Texas National Bank 1920

Great old photo of the Texas National Bank in Fort Stockton in 1920

Comanche Springs in Fort Stockton in 1929Comanche Springs in Fort Stockton in 1929

In 1929 sixteen men three women and a little boy posed by a covered wagon powered by two donkeys at Comanche Springs in Fort Stockton

Men and Women on Horseback in Fort Stockton in 1800sMen and Women on Horseback in Fort Stockton in 1800s

One man and four women on horseback and two men stand on foot behind a woman who sits on the ground in front of them in Fort Stockton in the 1800s

Stagecoach East of Fort StocktonStagecoach East of Fort Stockton

Sometime in the 1800s a stagecoach ran off the trail and nearly toppled over near Fort Stockton

Fort Stockton Bus 1920sFort Stockton Bus 1920s

In the 1920s a commercial bus loaded with passengers crosses a rickety bridge in Fort Stockton as a man stands outside to guide guide the driver

Birds-Eye View of Fort Stockton in 1800sBirds-Eye View of Fort Stockton in 1800s


KGM&O Railroad Depot Fort Stockton in 1911KCM&O Railroad Depot Fort  Stockton in 1911

Five men at the KCM&0 railroad station in Ft Stockton in 1911 in Pecos County Texas

Gateway Lodge in Fort Stockton in 1940sGateway Lodge in 1940s

Gateway Lodge in Fort Stockton in 1940s


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