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Online Records. It's YOUR Fault.


It shouldn't surprise me, but does, that the main focus of online record control has turned into a colossal blame game. No matter who wants to discuss online records the conversation is generally monopolized by the interviewer asking who I blame for loss of privacy and the resulting increase in ID Theft.

My answer: All of us.

If you are an American citizen who hasn't complained to your local clerk and other elected officials, you are the problem. If you're an abstractor who's seen sensitive documents online but brought it to no one's attention, then you're to blame. If you're an attorney whose client lists their social security number on the document just because there's a space for it, knowing you will later record that doc with a clerk who publishes online, then you are to blame. Ditto for banks, notaries, title companies, and certainly the clerks and registrars who post that information online - and the county management who allows it.

There's plenty of blame to go around but discussing and assigning it is fruitless. The real issue is online recordkeeping and the lack of security in our nation. If you'll simply take responsibility for your part of the problem, pretty soon we won't have a problem.

Let's not leave the patient waiting in the operating room while we stand outside the ER screaming at passing motorists, trying to decide who hit the poor guy. Scoot! Everybody! Go and do your job!

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Are You Eligible for Economic Recovery Money?


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