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Man Files $3M Lawsuit Over Red-Light Cameras

A Perrsyburg man filed a class-action lawsuit this week in Wood County, Ohio against the city of Northwood, its police department, and the Scottsdale, Ariz., company that installed and maintains the red-light and speed cameras in Northwood.

David A. Czech filed the lawsuit on behalf of himself and more than 20,000 others who have been ticketed by the controversial cameras. The suit alleges Northwood and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. are using an unconstitutional ordinance to extort money from them.

Mr. Czech’s suit follows a growing number of similar cases filed by irate motorists in states across the country including New Mexico, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa. The lawsuits claim that traffic camera tickets deny defendants their constitutional right to due process or otherwise violate federal or state laws. A recent Minnesota Supreme Court decision ruled red light cameras are illegal in that state and Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox declared in February that the use of red light and speed cameras is illegal within the state.

In his complaint, Mr. Czech alleges the ordinance does not "provide due process at any stage of such enforcement." He is seeking a judgment in excess of $3 million, which he says is the amount of damages and attorneys' fees the plaintiffs have incurred.

He also is asking the court to declare the ordinance unconstitutional and issue an injunction prohibiting the City of Northwood from continuing the practice.

In January, 2005, Northwood installed four red-light cameras at two main intersections: City officials contend the devices have helped reduce vehicle crashes.

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc has contracts with more then 130 US cities, and is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America. The company provides photo speed programs in 9 states and photo red light programs across 18 states according to their website.

One of the cities where Redflex provides photo speed services is Sioux Falls, South Dakota where Circuit Judge Kathleen Caldwell recently heard arguments in a class-action lawsuit against the city and Redflex.

Attorneys for Redflex  are arguing that the suit brought by I.L. Wiedermann  and 20,000 fellow ticket recipients is the city’s problem. The company lawyers are asking the judge to dismiss  Redflex as a defendant.


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Lawsuits Against Red Light and Traffic Cameras

  • Sioux Falls and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. alleging city traffic cameras violate South Dakota state code. (Nov-21-06)

  • City of Davenport, IL alleging city traffic cameras violate Illinois state code. (Aug-30-06)
  • Baltimore City et al. alleging inadequate time on amber lights.
  • San Francisco Motorists Win $400,000 settlement in lawsuit claimed the systems are illegal because they are either operated by for-profit companies, or the company is paid a fee from any tickets issued.
  • Nationwide citizens are reacting to what some call an unethical and possibly illegal money making scheme on the part of municipalities and red light camera vendors. 




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