News for Public Officials and the People They Serve
Omar Guerrero

Missing County Official Sought On Sexual Assault Charges

Fugitive Texas Official Captured in Mexico


John Dunivan - Fugitive county official found deadManhunt: County Official Sought on Child Sex Charges

Former Butler County Clerk Now a Federal Fugitive

Fugitive Clerk Found Dead

Patrick O'Malley Resigns - Takes Federal PleaFederal Agents Raid, Close Ohio County's Auditor's Office

County Recorder Resigns, Takes Federal Plea Deal

O'Malley Released

Frances Deane, the county recorder for Clark County, Nevada charged with with feloniesCounty Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts

County Recorder's Files Confiscated

Judge orders County Recorder to leave office

Corruption Charges Move Forward Against Former County Recorder

County Clerk Dianne Wilson Fort Bend County

County Clerk Touts Bogus PhD

Courthouse for Sale

Degrees of Deceit: Officials Could Face Charges

Bogus Degreed Clerk  Clashes with Judge

County clerk slapped by AG ruling

Wilson Balks at Release of HIPAA Audit

Three Victims of Wilson's Site

Former Cumberland County Clerk Lynne Groce Arrested

KY County clerk charged with seven felony counts

Mike Burgess, the Sheriff of Custer CountySheriff Accused of Running Sex-Slave Operation from Jail
Iroquois County Clerk Indicted on Multiple Felony Charges
Criminal Links to Government Web Sites
Redaction Failed - Sensitive Records Back Online Redaction Failed - Travis County Puts Sensitive Records Back Online
Illinois Lawsuit Debates County's Control of Public Record Access
Online Records Linked to Identity Theft, and Worse
Official Blunders Archive Pages

Allegations of Mistakes, Misconduct and Corruption by Public Officials and Government Vendors


News for Public Officials

County Cop May Have Lied About Crash That Killed His Partner
Iroquois County Clerk Indicted on Multiple Felony Charges
Former Court Clerk Indicted for Theft of Drug Evidence
Constable Cuffs Man for $10 Parking Ticket
County Officials Could Face Charges Over Illegal Credentials
Federal Bribery Sting Nets State and Local Officials
Second Jefferson County Clerk Quits Amid State Investigation
Former County Commissioner to serve 5-year Sentence for Land Fraud
Georgia County Officials Plead Guilty to Fraud, Firearms Charges
County Circuit Court Clerk Convicted of Embezzling
Deputies Accused in Drive By Shooting
Former Harris County Deputy Executed
US Lawmakers Eyed in Corruption Cases
Kentucky Clerk Arrested or Seven Felony Counts
County Posts Private Medical Data Online
Manhunt: County Official Sought on Child Sex Charges
Fugitive TX Official Captured In Mexico
Hidalgo County District Clerk Charged
Town Stunned By Fomer Mayoral Candidate's Alleged Killing Spree
Government Blames Technology for Expunged Record  Breaches
Indiana's Youngest Elected Official Resigns After Third Arrest
NJ Senator Indicted on Real Estate Fraud
County Official Arrested For Child Sex, Drug Charges
Financial Aid Officials on Edge as Conference Gets Underway
El Paso Commisioner Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges
Pennsylvania Government Shutdown
State Treasurer Denies Drug Charges
County Commissioner Suspect in Fire and Fraud Investigations
Former County Appraiser Arrested on Fraud Charges
Cameron County Auditor Arrested
Virginia Watchdog Takes A Bite Out of Ohio
Now that Texas Clerks are safe, it's time to protect the rest of us
Indiana Recorder's Association Faces
Personnel data did go to India
Clerk Charged With Stealing Stamps
County Website Contains Personal Information
US Marshall Indicted For Data Access
Ohio County Website Hacked
Former County Recorder Found Guilty
NY County Publishes Sensitive Information Online
Is Your Clerk's Imaging Software Pirated
Think Your ID is Secure?
Judge Finds County Recorder In Contempt
Judge-Property Tax Assessments Illegal
Cost of Redaction
Judge Sends Ex-Governor to Prison
Clerk and Deputy Sheriff Sentenced for Children's ID Theft
Former Police Chief Arrested
Grand Jury Investigates $10M Tax Fraud Scheme
County Clerk Slapped by AG Ruling
Clerk's Pirated Software Case Remanded
Constable Resigns Amid Gay Sex Scandal
Federal Judge Orders County Imaging Software Destroyed
Petition Site Protests Auditors Arrest
Computer Error Inflates Home
Victims of Child Abuse Can Sue Church for Fraud
Lawsuit Filed Against Chesapeake Clerk of Courts
Investigation Launched into Record Storage Arrangement
Sixth Deputy Pleads Guilty in Excessive Force Coverup
Congressman Charged In Airport Assault Case
Meet Your County Commissioners
County Recorder's Documents Confiscated
County Recorder Sentenced for Vandalizing Courthouse
Sheriff Cut Out of Food Chain
Former County Clerk Now Federal Fugitive
County Web Site Helped Thieves Steal Identities of Victims in Five States
Practical Obscurity and Public Records
Oregon City Recorder Arrested for Alleged Theft
Indiana County Recorder Takes Plea Deal In Stalking Case
Sheriff Accused of Running Sex-Slave Operation from Jail
Fort Bend Clerk Clashes with Judge over Internet Access to Personal Information
District Clerk Resigns after Arrest for Stealing Child Support Funds
Cuyahoga County Recorder Resigns, Takes Federal Plea Deal
Justice Department Alleges Dona Ana County Harasses Women
California Cops Convicted of Robbing Drug Houses
The $150,000 "P"
Lawsuit Debates Who Will Traffic In Your Private Data
E-Filings Blamed for Corrupting County Records
Officials Pull Plug on County Records Web Site
FBI Arrests Mississippi Mayor, Bodyguards
Data Goes Missing from “Official” Online Databases
Federal Agents Raid, Close Ohio County's Auditor's Office
Disappearing Documents
Screw it! It's Too Hard
Fugitive County Clerk’s Body Found
Free Speech And The Hypocrisy Of Government
Former County Recorder Released From Prison
Angry Landlord Group Accuses DCRA of Possible Corruption
Wayne County Clerk Pleads Guilty to Stealing $140K
County Commissioner Indicted for Murder



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