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Offbeat, Fun, and Bizarre for Sale


Offbeat, Fun, Bizarre or Just Plain Interesting

GOP Auctions Crist's Portrait on eBay
Panhandle Residents Ponder Polygamist’s Move
Sherrif's Credit Card Number Found With ID Theft Suspects
Woman Charged With TP Theft Could Face Years Behind Bars
Agent's Diary Sold On Ebay $2,804.06
Texas Cop Plans To Profit From Pot
Hold the Pickles, Hold the Pot
I'm Not Drunk, and You're No Cop
The Monster Pig of Clay County Alabama
Computer Game Trains Homeland Security Officials
Great Combacks from American Patriots
Historic Texas Town For Sale On eBay
The 2500 Dollar Car
25 Homes You You Can Buy Online for $1 Million or More
Club Where 12-Year-Old Found Stripping Protested
Pet the Puppy Bill
Homeowner Counters High Taxes with Worms
City Officials Crack Down on ‘Gum Control’
Bizarre Creature Caught On DeWitt County Dash Cam
Teen’s Accidental Text Message Triggers Drug Bust
Man Attacks Girlfriend Over Romney Photo
Offbeat Archive

Sheriff Destroys Wrong CropSheriff Destroys Wrong Crop
Sheriff Destroys Wrong Crop
Judge Puts Hooker Hunters in Chicken Suits
Town Puts Geese on Pill
Hospice Cat Predicts Death
Monster Pig of Clay County
Monster Pig of Clay County
Hand Painted Crabs Are Big Business
Special Seasoning Upset Cops
Special Seasoning Upset Cops



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