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The Best of News for Public Officials 2007

From vital investigative reports that made you think, to offbeat articles that made you smile and hi-tech tools that helped you win your campaign and work more effectively as an elected official, News for Public Officials published thousands of files in 2007. These are the reports and videos you most often read and watched and the tools and tips you most often used last year. If you don't find your favorite topic in the lists below -- try a search in the box above. Whatever you do, don't miss another issue. Register now and get your NFPO newsletters in your email for free.  



NFPO Top Stories of 2007


Best Tech Products for Elected Officials in 2007



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Most Popular Writers in 2007

Robert A. Franco

Robert's insightful articles are consistent favorites for county recorders, clerks and commissioners. 2007 was no exception. A title examiner and title company owner for more than 16 years, Robert is considered an expert on the statutory duties of elected officials and how they interact with the public.

Congressman Ted Poe

Congressman Poe's passionate, commonsense, innovative articles on Border Security and Illegal Immigration are consistently popular with elected officials at all levels of government who are on the front lines of these important issues.

Janice Forster

Jan knows all to well the damage well meaning elected officials can cause their constituents. Jan is a senior analyst with and has helped hundreds of identity theft victims and potential victims discover and remove their sensitive information from government websites. In 2007, her work was recently featured in USA Today.

Peter MacKoul, Esq.  Mr. MacKoul is an attorney and technical analyst with over 15 years of legal and technical consulting experience in both public and private sectors His straight-forward educational articles have helped hundred of elected officials understand the law that obliges them to protect their citizens.

Jarrod Clabaugh

Jarrod is the editor and director of media and public relations with the online news magazine Source of Title. Prior to joining SOT, Clabaugh worked as a public relations consultant with several large corporations, including Abbott Laboratories’ Ross Products Division and Navistar’s International Truck & Engine. Jarrod can be reached by email.


Most popular articles of 2007


Most Viewed Video's

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ID Cards for Illegal AliensID Cards for Illegal Aliens (Video)

Monster Pig of Clay County

Bird Steals from store

Bandit Bird Caught on Tape (Video)

Washington Mystery Fish

Washington Mystery Fish (Video)

Cold Hard Cash Angers Taxman

Cold Hard Cash Angers Taxman (Video)

The WallMart Courthouse

The Wall-Mart Courthouse

Bogus Degrees Used by Officials

Officials Caught Using Illegal  Credentials

Photograph of Alfredo ReyesPhotograph of Fernando Arenas-Collazo taken in 2002

America's Most Wanted Violent Criminals Aren't Americans

Teenage Girls Overpower Cops

Teen-Age Girls Overpower State Officer, Steal Car(Video)

Houseplant makes 911 call

Houseplant Makes 911 Call (Video)

Grant County Cowboy as seen from space

Grant County Cowboy as seen from space

A Line in the Sand: Executive Report
Popular eBay Search Results


Former Cop Plans To Teach Drug Users How To Avoid Detection

Top cop produces video to help criminals

U.S.-Mexico Agreement Provides Social Security Funds to Illegal Aliens

...first known public copy of the U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement...

Home Stolen - Twice!

Kentucky couple's home was stolen twice by identity thieves before they even knew it...

How Criminals Use Online County Records

A growing list of cases show how criminals use government web sites to steal IDs and worse...

Homeland Security Finds Illegal Aliens In Brazoria County Courthouse

...county officials discovered that more than half of the workers in the courthouse at night...

Newly Elected Clerk Pulls Plug on Online Records

Less than a week after taking office, Sandra DePerno good on her campaign promise...

ID Theft Bill Targets Government Websites

...proposed legislation could cut criminals off from this rich source of sensitive data.

4 numbers that stand between you and your criminal clone

You may be protecting the wrong numbers...



Judge: Red light cameras are illegal

City doesn’t have the authority ...

How Much Does The Bank Owe You?

Federal Judge says you may be due a refund...

I'm Not Drunk! - And You're No Cop

Fake cops gather sensitive data while conducting bogus sobriety checks

The Loneliest County in America

1 Cafe, 1 Gas Station, 2 Roads: America's Emptiest County

Texas Attorney General Says Websites Could Land Officials in Jail

Attorney General Greg Abbott clarified the responsibilities of public officials and county websites

Fugitive Texas Official Captured in Mexico

A former elected official is behind bars after Mexican officials captured him in ...



A Matter of Magnitude Beyond Jurisdictional Control

The Constitution promised we will be ‘secure in our persons, houses, papers and possessions'

I Know Who You Are

I know who you married, where you two live, where you bank... I have more than  I need or ever...

America's Most Wanted Criminals Aren't Americans 

They come from Mexico, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Columbia, Vietnam and China with...

Redaction Failed - Travis County Puts Sensitive Records Back Online

After six months and several million dollars, everything  criminals  need  is again online ...

Government Websites Cross Jurisdictions To Serve Data Worldwide

Everyday, local and state agencies breach their jurisdictional control  to deliver...



A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border

Cartels Waging Violent Turf Battle Over Control of Key Smuggling Corridor

ID Theft Suspects Had Sheriff's Social Security Number

Sheriff J. Keith Gary was stunned when investigators showed him ...

Rounding  Up Mexico's Most Wanted

It's a big day in the U.S. when we catch someone on our Most Wanted List, shouldn't it...

Arizona: Latest to Pull Plug on Digital Documents

Secretary of State's Office pulled the plug on Internet documents

Illegal Aliens will get $100,000 in suit against county

Lawman shot at an alien-smuggling vehicle he said tried to run him down...

Ohio AG Files Lawsuit Against Courts Online offers unlimited online searches of private and public databases...



America's Loneliest Counties Ranked by Population

Stories, Pictures and Statistics from America's Loneliest Counties

The Wal-Mart Courthouse

In 2004, Randall County, Texas faced a problem....

11-Year-Old Bags Monster Pig in Clay County, Alabama

Step aside Hogzilla, meet Monster Pig and the eleven-year-old boy who bagged...

Mexico’s Top Crime Family Trafficking in U.S. Identities

The Castorena family has made a fortune by  knowing everything about you

Online Records. It's YOUR Fault.

The main focus of online record control has turned into a colossal blame game

Obama Takes MySpace Page from Hapless Supporter

Refused to pay  for the time and effort invested in developing the highly successful page.



Panhandle Residents Ponder Polygamist’s Move

Concerned about effect polygamist Samuel Fischer’s family will have on their community...

Red Light Cameras Pose Legal Hazard For City Officials

Billions of dollars and your civil rights are at stake...

Baby Girl's Knock Out Name Leaves Registry Reeling

But will it fit on the birth certificate?

America's 99 Fastest Growing Counties For the 21st Century

These counties have enjoyed the greatest rate of population growth

Foreclosure! Ten Ways to Save Your Home

You can save your home. But you'll have to act quickly!

County Clerk Denies Stealing Postage, Labor

Petty pilfering or cheap political ploy?

The Cost of Redaction

Redaction does more to protect international companies than protecting local taxpayers

Title Industry Expert Warns Against Using County Websites

Sage words of advice for anyone who cares to listen

The GAO Recognizes The ID Theft Problem

Government Web sites are magnifying the problem

Former Harris County Deputy Executed




Two Teen-Age Girls Overpower State Officer, Steal Car (Video)

Judge: County Property Tax Assessments Unconstitutional (Video)

Case could lead to similar decisions affecting all  homeowners in all counties

Robin Hood Bird Steals from Store, Shares with Friends

Isn't it time for a little comic relief?

The Information War

A newspaper  in Ohio put nearly 2,700 individuals at risk. Gun-owners group is returning fire...

County Auditor Arrested 

Some are calling this an 'obscene political move'.

Woman charged with stealing toilet paper from courthouse

A woman named Butts could face up to two years in prison for the two-ply theft

Former County Commissioner Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes the midst of a widening investigation by the FBI into public corruption

Register of Deeds Investigation Leads to ‘Forgery Factory’ Convictions

Creative tactics of Register's Document Document Fraud Task Force ...

Government Blames Technology for Rash of Expunged Record Breaches

Hundreds of counties nationwide could face lawsuits

City Accountant Wins $662,363 in Whistleblower Suit

An accountant with the City of Detroit, was just doing his job when...



California Bars Voting Machines – US Considers

Top election official decertified systems produced by Hart Intercivic, Diebold  and Sequoia

No Children Allowed In Kalawao County, Hawaii

...if you plan to visit, leave your children behind... NO ONE under sixteen may enter!

Craigslist Vendor Accused of Stealing $50,000 from Colorado Libraries

Who hasn’t been late in returning an occasional library book?

Mystery Fish Found In Washington's Black Lake (Video)

Offbeat. fun and interesting  what-is-it? Huge 330 pound, 6 foot six inch monster fish.

Flawed Copies Could Cost County

Convicted criminals could be due compensation from County government...

Convicted Court Clerk Will Serve Until Sentencing

Still in office because he has not yet been sentenced for his conviction on nine counts

Kentucky AG Threatens Lawsuit against Voting Machine Makers

Demands electronic voting machine manufacturers immediately correct security flaws...

Illegal Aliens Charged With Rape, Murder of 15-year-old Texas Girl

Court documents are shedding more light on the rape and murder of Dani Countryman

Former County Commissioner to serve 5-year Prison Sentence for Land Deals

Sentenced to federal prison for  illegal land deals worth at least $9 million

US Land Auctions

From thousand dollar fixer-uppers to multi-million dollar estates - properties hit online auctions

Second Jefferson County Clerk Quits Amid State Probe

Investigation into unauthorized withdrawals of county funds leads to more officials quitting.

Morgue ‘Art’ Cost Taxpayers $8 Million

A sad and outrageous tale of how one county exploited people even after their death

Youngest Elected Official Quits After Third Arrest

One of the youngest politicians ever to be elected in Indiana abruptly resigned...



Poll: Most Americans Against Mortgage Bail Out

Most overwhelmingly believe the U.S. Congress should not bail out the nation’s financial markets

County Clerk's Body Found In Ditch

Laquita Hayden's body was discovered by deputies...

Former NFL Player Charged In $42mil Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Dwight Sean Jones and four other men have been indicted...

Foreclosure Buyer's Guide to Property Repairs 

Top tips for top flips

5-year-old Drives Drunk Mom Home (Video)

Neighbors stopped the young driver and called police...

The best and worst states for buying foreclosures

Is the process in your state straightforward and fast or complex and lengthy?

US Homes Hit the Online Auction Blocks

The best way to buy or sell your home may be online...



Tax Man Uses Satellite Images To View Your House from Space

Tax authorities around the world are using satellite images  to re-evaluate home values

ID Thief Takes Victim's Place in Grave

Annie Hayes was still mourning the death of her son when she was told someone else ..

Degrees of Deceit: Elected Officials Could Face Charges

Claiming unearned titles like "Dr." or "PhD." to your name is deceptive and unethical AND ILLEGAL

Officials Stopped Short By Red Light Camera Lawsuits

Officials in Cleveland and Dayton Tennessee have joined a growing list of officials

County Jail Goes To The Dogs

After a police dog died because he was left unattended, the sheriff turns a jail into a dog house

Protecting the Texas Pledge of Allegiance

North Texas couple is suing the State of Texas in an attempt to overturn our state pledge

Judge Finds County Recorder in Contempt 

Nearly a year after the issuance of a mandamus order requiring her office to comply

KHOU-TV Exposes County  Officials Touting  Illegal Degrees

Video report from KHOU reveals elected officials with bogus credentials

County Clerk Promises to Defy Governor, Report Illegal Aliens

Standing firmly with other New York County Clerks in their rebellion

Kentucky Counties Sue Makers of "Hillbilly Heroin"

Suits accuse  makers of "hillbilly heroin" (Oxycontin) wth filling state jails and treatment centers

Online Records Could Become Less Reliable

Ohio Senate Bill 6, if passed would require county auditors and recorders to replace names with initials

New York clerks protecting our borders

Noted columnist Diana West says City Hall and the county clerk’s office are where the action is...



Inmate meals fattened sheriff's wallet

Sheriff's attorney says this isn't a case of "scam and eggs"

City Issues ID Cards to Illegal Aliens - Legal Residents Outraged (AP Video)

Chants of "We are not a province of Mexico!" resounded in City Hall

Take Our Health Data “Off the Market”

Did you know? Your prescription data -- your name, address, date of birth and drug regimen is FOR SALE

CallWave  for Your Election Campaign, Business or Personal Use (Ad)

Every election campaign needs a fax number. In 2007 hundreds of our viewers got their's for Free!



Satellite Imagery Puts Government Agents In Your Back Yard at the Touch of  a Button

As neighborhoods embrace the privacy and protection that gated communities provide, officials find...

Jailhouse Fashion Goes Retro

Another California county has opted for a more retro fashion look

Cook County Poised to Shut Down Cabela's Superstore Over Gun Law

The Certified Copy Racket