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New Online Reputation Management Service Protects and Defends Politicians

May 9, 2008 -- The Internet has created a revolution in the way we send and receive information, buy and sell products and services and openly discuss timely topics. For those engaging in political races, the open structure of the Internet poses a particularly precarious challenge as blogs and other web-based postings are frequently used to smear reputations. Even if false and posted by individuals with obvious motives, they can take on a "life of their own," existing in search engines for years to come.

There's now a way to fight back--legally and effectively. is a reputation management service designed specifically for those seeking public office. This unique program flushes search engines of damaging web-based postings, allowing politicians to take control of their online reputation and protect their chances of being elected.

"Our online reputation management program can eliminate or suppress false and harmful accusations using legal and completely reliable methods," says Chris Rosica, spokesperson. "In this day of online smear campaigns, reputation management is vital to a successful campaign. No politician should be without this in his or her arsenal."

Unlike programs designed to scour the web for spurious postings, the site goes one step further using bloggers to promote the truth, countering false claims and offering a measure of protection that is unique in campaigning. By countering malicious content that may receive a high page ranking, it assists organic search, pushing a candidate's true message to the forefront. The company provides a complete turnkey program for maintaining an online communications base. Each program, which includes a monthly maintenance fee, is priced and tailored to an individual's needs.

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