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FBI's Most Wanted White Collar Criminals Aren't Americans 

59% of the most wanted scam artists in America are foreign nationals


They came here from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq Israel, England, Guatemala. The Philippines, Poland, Mexico, Costa Rican, Cuba and Ecuador with legal visas or stolen identities to take jobs as telemarketers, stock brokers, doctors, auditors and investment bankers.


Now they make up more than half of America's most wanted scam artists, identity thieves, embezzlers and fraudsters.


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How Foreign Criminals Use U.S. Records Online



Charge Nationality  Remarks Occupation
Betros Garabet


Health Care Fraud Syrian Garabet speaks several languages, including English, Arabic . . . Garabet claims to be a physician and has some medical training, but is not licensed.
Nuraldin Shareef Karim


$ 10,000

Wire Fraud; Mail Fraud Iraqi Karim may have traveled to Iraq within the last few years. He is also believed to have traveled in Europe . . . Telemarketer
Abdul Rehman Jinnah Illegal Campaign Contributions Pakistani Jinnah has connections to Karachi, Pakistan, and Los Angeles, California, and is known to travel . . . Jinnah has owned several businesses, including ones that sell cellular phones and accessories, and frozen yogurt. Known to have an interest in purchasing real estate.
Maysoon M. Eltamimi Credit Card Fraud Israeli Eltamimi has ties to Jordan; Israel; New Jersey and Florida. Unknown
Salman Shariff



Fraud; Money Laundering Pakistani Shariff has ties to Jupiter and Miami, Florida; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Stockbroker
Michael W. Berger Securities Fraud British Berger has ties to New York City, Florida, the island of Dominica, and Austria. . . . Investment Banker
Edy Ronan Galacia-Santos Bank Fraud Guatemalan Edy Galacia-Santos has also been wanted since 2001 by local law . . . Unknown
Yolanda Tolentino Ricaforte Fugitive From a Foreign Country; Plunder Filipino Ricaforte, who is known to wear eyeglasses, is diabetic and may need medical .  . . . Auditor/Bookkeeper, Homemaker
Eva Maria Malczewski Bank Embezzlement Polish Malczewski has full lips and crooked front teeth. She speaks fluent Polish. Bank teller
Juan Ochoa-Juarez Bank Fraud Mexican Ochoa-Juarez may have ties to North Carolina. Unknown
Gonzalo Anthony Quinones Fraud by Wire; Mail Fraud Costa Rican Quinones has ties to Florida; Lynn and Boston, Massachusetts; and Costa Rica. Computer company owner
Carl Gonzales Rubens Bank Fraud and Embezzlement Cuban It is believed that Rubens left the United States in the 1980s and had not returned as of July of 1997. Bank Manager
Fernando Grijalva Mail Fraud; Bank Fraud Ecuadorian Grijalva may travel to Ecuador; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Miami, Florida. Businessman