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America's Foreclosure Epidemic

America's Foreclosure EpidemicMom's Card Saves Foreclosure Victim's Life
37 year old husband and father of two considered suicide after losing his home in foreclosure, but credits a greeting card from his mother as the catalyst that saved his life.

When All About Us Greeting Cards introduced their new line of cards this past Spring, the goal was to generate consumer interest; saving a young man's life went far beyond that expectation.

"We were saddened to hear that a young man had considered suicide after losing the families home to foreclosure." states the Founder, Brenda K. Gordon. "But we were stunned that he attributed one of our greeting cards as the catalyst to help him, as he told us, 'snap out of it'."


The 37 year old husband and father of two had been overwhelmed with a sense of failure, and fear had set in. "I knew I was not the only person going through something like that, but it's easy to think your personal situation is somehow far worse than the other guy." he explained.

The young man continued, "My mom sent me these two greeting cards. One was a man walking out of a long, dark tunnel into the light. It was beautiful. But the second one had a man on the cover with his head in his hands, with the word 'Debt' in the background. It read 'Never cry over something that can't cry over you'."

"I don't know what it was exactly, but that card felt so personal and at the same time, let me know I was not the only person going through a financial crisis. It helped me to put things into perspective. My wife framed both cards and I keep them on my desk." he told a company representative.

The young man's mother reported that she almost threw the sample packet in the trash, stating, "It was from All About Us Greeting Cards for the 21st Century. I had never heard of them. It advertised greeting cards for personal issues, and that caught my attention. I was feeling so helpless and thought, maybe there was something in there for my son, just as a gesture. I had to let the company know that their cards may have saved my son's life."

The Founder came up with the idea for the company after noticing there was nothing out there specifically targeting current issues.

"We wanted to fill a void. It felt important that greeting cards, a long staple in personal communication, step up to meet today's needs. It was our goal to include something for everyone, seniors, women, men, and young people, from all economic levels." Gordon stated, adding, "We all have issues and personal problems, it's easy to feel isolated, like that young man. It helps to know that we are not going through our particular crisis alone."

As a result, Gordon created cards addressing many of today's hot topics, focusing on the personal issues we deal with daily, from substance abuse to weight loss, same sex marriage, and a host of other current subjects.

The company launched their online store this May. Gordon reports, "The website is different from most e-commerce sites. It was designed with the idea of being a 'hub'. The website,, is a place to go and 'hang out', to get inspiration, play music, games, get the latest News, while the store,, offers products we hope will lift spirits, encourage, and occasionally, bring a smile."

"We partnered with other popular stores, like, Barnes and Noble, and Powell's Books to help make it a one stop shopping experience. The store offers books, music, electronics, DVDs, and of course, our cards. Also, we work closely with Yahoo, the sites host, to bring the latest online innovations. There's a lot going on in the website and we plan to keep making it better, more interactive." Gordon said.

"We want our website and store to be a safe place to visit," Gordon continued, "where it is not all about spending money, or the usual Internet chatter. It's about picking ourselves up and helping the people we love get through the day. We believe the human spirit needs a lift, now more than ever. That was our motivation. The cards grew from that. We are grateful one of our cards may have been instrumental in helping someone find his way back."

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