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Life in Midland County Tx 1890 to 1940

Midland County, Texas in 1890 to 1940 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.


Life in Midland County Tx 1890 to 1940

Midland Gin , Midland Texas in 1900Midland Gin , Midland Texas in 1900

Horse-drawn wagons loaded with cotton line up to get under the cotton offload point of the Midland Gin in 1900 in this huge highly-detailed photo . . . see it full size

Main Street in Midland in 1940Main Street in Midland in 1940


1st Midland County Courthouse in 18861st Midland County Courthouse in 1886

Built in 1886, the first Midland County Courthouse was located northwest of Iowa St (now Wall St.) and Loraine.

Midland Street Scene in 1935Midland Street Scene in 1935

Need to call the City Cleaners? Just phone 89.

Llano Hotel in Midland 1888Llano Hotel in Midland 1888

The Llano Hotel in 1888 served as a meeting place for farmers, ranchers and business men in Midland Texas

Birdseye View Midland Texas in 1940'sBirdseye View Midland Texas in 1940's
Telegraph Pole Workers Midland Texas 1902Telegraph Pole Workers Midland Texas 1902
Main Street and Stores in Midland, Texas in 1890Main Street & Stores in Midland Texas in 1890


Midland Texas Street Scene 1895Midland Street Scene 1895

Midland Street Scene in front of the Ray B Wimberly General Merchandise Store in 1895


Harvest Time in Front of Llano HoteHarvest Time in Front of Llano Hotel in Midland in 1904


Midland College Football Team in 1910Midland College Football Team 1910


Midland College Girls Basketball Team in 1914Midland College Girls Basketball Team 1914


1904 Masonic Parade in Midland, Texas Masonic Parade Midland Texas 1904


Jack Starr and His Prize Winning Pig in Midland Texas in 1918Jack Starr and His Prize Winning Pig Midland Texas 1918


1918 Parade in Midland, TexasMidland Tx Parade 1918


Midland Texas Home and Water Tower in 1939Midland Texas Home and Water Tower in 1939


Cowboy at Ranch Rodeo in Midland County Texas  in 1939Cowboy at Midland County Ranch Rodeo in 1939


Main Street in Midland Texas in 1920'sMidland Tx Main Street 1920's


Huge Sandstorm Approaching Midland Texas in 1918Midland Tx Sandstorm in 1930s

People tried to protect themselves by hanging wet sheets in front of doorways and windows to filter the dirt. They stuffed window frames with gummed tape and rags. But keeping the fine particles out was impossible. The dust permeated the tiniest cracks and crevices.

Roadside Candy Stand in Midland County Texas in 1939Roadside Candy Stand in Midland County Texas in 1939


Cowboy Takes a Hard Fall in 1940Cowboy Takes a Hard Fall in 1940 at Midland, Texas Rodeo



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