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Border Security and Illegal Aliens

Mexico's President Calderon Tours U.S. Cities Lobbying for Weak Immigration Policies


"Wherever there is a Mexican, that is Mexico" Mexico's president Calderon September 2, 2007

source: Dallas Morning News, 10/4/2007

There's another political campaign taking place across the United States this year, as Mexico’s President Calderon and Mexican Consulates in cities across America attempt to influence U.S. Immigration Policy according to a recent press release by the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Mexican consulates stationed here in the U.S. are lobbying our local, state and federal governments to change U.S. immigration laws! The Mexican consuls are working out of 47 consulate offices in the U.S. lobbying for illegal immigrants and operating sophisticated public relations campaigns.

Several groups of protestors, including one against illegal immigration, greeted Calderón’s arrival at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum yesterday afternoon. Calderón, who narrowly won the presidency in 2006, has dealt with protests since before he took office, on topics ranging from his contested electoral victory to his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Calderón is directly engaging in American politics.

This blatant interference by the Mexican government in our internal policy debate is something the Mexican government would never tolerate in its country. We cannot allow another government to defend and promote the interests of its people who have illegally entered our country and broken our laws.

It's time for all Americans everywhere to join together and DEMAND that Mexican Consular officials stop lobbying to change United States policies and end this practice immediately!

Granting amnesty to illegal aliens has been the goal of open-border advocate groups for many years. Now they have unified and enlisted the support of the Mexican government ... and here's what they're planning to do:

  • Create an anti-defamation league for illegal immigrants;
  • Increase spending by Mexican Consulates in the U.S., especially in areas like North Texas where illegal immigration from Mexico has been overwhelming local towns;
  • Launch a media campaign aimed at undermining anyone who opposes uncontrolled illegal immigration. (source: Dallas Morning News 10/4/2007)

According to FAIR, the only way this scandal of the Mexican government interfering with American immigration policies and enforcement of our laws will be stopped is the same way we stopped destructive amnesty legislation from being passed in 2007 and the lack of U.S. government border security...

Fair is asking all Americans to join together and DEMAND that Mexican Consular officials stop lobbying to change United States policies and end this practice immediately!

 So please take a moment now to:

  • Contact your elected officials and ask them to get the State Department to demand that Mexican consular officials stop lobbying against U.S. immigration policy


  • Support FAIR's efforts to alert and inform all Americans about these activities, and other attempts by pro-amnesty and open-border advocates to change U.S. immigration laws and reward illegal activity, with a generous contribution.


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