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Life in Menard County Tx 1800's to 1940


Life in Menard County Texas from 1800's to 1940. The county seat was called Menardville when the site was laid out in 1858 after the legislature approved the establishment of Menard County. That year three families lived there in log cabins surrounded by split-log palisades. The town name changed from Menardville to Menard about 1910 or 1911.

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Road Workers Building a Bridge in Menard County in 1940Road Workers Building a Bridge in Menard County in 1940

In 1940 nine workers were hard at work building a bridge in Menard County when an unknown photographer captured it all in this photograph

Inside the Legal Tender Saloon in Menard in the 1920sInside the Legal Tender Saloon in Menard in the 1920s

Sometime in the 1920s an old man walked into the Legal Tender Saloon in Menard Texas and stood where he had no doubt stood many times before to have a drink and reflect on how things used to be

Downtown Menard in 1950Downtown Menard in 1950

Huge photo of San Saba Avenue in Menard Texas in 1950 taken by photographer Walt Wiggins

Legal Tender Saloon in Menardville Texas in 1900Legal Tender Saloon in Menardville Texas in 1900

In 1900, patrons and bartenders posed for a photo of the interior of the Legal Tender Saloon featuring cases of liquor ready to serve and a cuspidor placed near the bar.

Cottonwood Saloon in Menard TexasInside the Cottonwood Saloon in Menardville Texas

On August 6, 1906 Hotel man T. A. “Tom” Turner was shot and killed by banker William Bevans, Sr. inside the Cottonwood Saloon in downtown Menardville, Texas  . . .  See full size

Benchoff Building in Menardville late 1800sBenchoff Building in Menardville late 1800s

Tom Turner (with hand on hip) and four men relax on wood sidewalk in front of Benchoff Building in Menardville in late 1800s. Turner was later shot and killed . . . Read more Look closer

Iron Clad Saloon in Menardville 1800sIron Clad Saloon Menardville Texas 1800s

Twenty two men gathered in front of the Iron Clad saloon in 1800s. Menard was a wet county surrounded by dry counties and everyone from San Angelo, Eden and elsewhere came to town to buy booze . . . Read more see full size

Murchison and Brothers Dry Goods and Groceries 1800sMurchison and Brothers Dry Goods and Groceries in Menardville late 1800's

Menard County pioneers with their horses, wagons and carriages in front of Murchison Brothers Dry Goods and Groceries Menardville sometime in the 1800s . . . view full size


Menarville School Class of 1890Menardville School Class of 1890

Professor John Warren Hunter, from Mason, opened the Menard school September 6, 1884. Menard County was exempt from instituting a district school system until the 1890s This large photo shows 44 students and the staff from class of 1890. . . . See full size photo here

Menard Tx Flood of 1938

Downtown Menard Tx Flood Scene July 1938

Man wades through flooded street in downtown Menard while others watch under the awnings of Piggly Wigley, Western Auto and Ben Franklin Store in 1938.

During July 1938, intense rainfall across several counties in central Texas produced record flooding along the San Saba River and Brady Creek, in addition to other waterways . . . read more see full size

Road Workers Menard County Tx 1940

Men building new road in Menard County 1940

Nine men working hard on a new road in Menard County in 1940. Note the wooden wheeled cement carrier . . . view full size


1936 Chevrolet Sedan in Menard Texas

A fine looking car at a bargain price. 79 horsepower 6-cylinder engine, hydraulic brakes, turret top, no-draft ventilation . . . features that contribute to enjoyable motoring . . . see for yourself


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