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This LinkedIn group is where professional abstractors discuss the unique challenges faced by land title professionals who physically visit the courthouse. Participants must show they are dedicated to providing a level of complete accuracy that can only be achieved at the courthouse.


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Christy Baughman Lynn's secret Facebook group designed to connect USA based abstractors and other real estate professionals from across America.



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Robert Franco's website features news, networking and conversation of interest to abstractors, title vendors and examiners.


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This page is less about the business side of abstracting and more about the deep passion for history abstractors have. Focuses on the rich and often little known history of the counties we serve. If you have a passion for history please visit.

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Tilden, Texas

  No one knows McMullen County real estate, title search and court records better than the people who are in the courthouse everyday working directly with local officials to bring you the kind of professional service only a local expert can.. Connect with McMullen County Abstractors, Public Record Retrievers and Legal Service Professionals . You'll find McMullen County Clerk, McMullen County Appraisal District, abstractors, lawyers, county record retrievers, and real estate in Tilden, Tx.

McMullen County Clerk


Tilden, Tx

McMullen County Appraisal District


Tilden, Tx

McMullen County Abstractors and Courthouse Researchers

When law firms, lenders, energy production companies and national title companies need public record information that is accurate and official they rely on local abstractors, document retrievers and landman who physically inspect the McMullen County records at the courthouse. Get Email Updates
Central Tejas ResearchCentral Tejas Research

Flawless court records research and property search reports  including Tower Sites, Land Title, Deed Chains, Right-Of-Way research, Real Property filings and name research at County, District, Probate, Civil and bankruptcy Courts. Contact Shannon Maxwell

Phone 512-469-6026 | Send Message | Visit Site
COURT FILINGS, COURT RECORD RETRIEVING, VIDEO, SUBPOENA PREPARATION, PRIVATE PROCESS SERVER, COURIER SERVICE, NOTARY                                                                                                                                                  (956) 717-1168 - PHONE            (956) 729-9465 - FAXRLT Services Court filings, court record retrieving, video, subpoena preparation, private process server, courier service, notary (956) 717-1168 - phone (956) 729-9465
Specializing in commercial/residential searches, 50 year search, updates, tax history, site acquisition in Bee County     Tel#:   210.473.8017    Fax#:  830.663.3713Reliable Abstract Inc. Specializing in commercial/residential searches, 50 year search, updates, tax history, site acquisition in Dewitt County Tel#: 210.473.8017 Fax#: 830.663.3713

Oil and Gas Landman, ROW Agents and Title Specialists


Mark White - Contract Landman

Detailed Title Research from Patent to Verification Date, including Mineral, Surface, and Right-of-Way Ownership, as well as, the determination of Ownership Interests in HBP tracts. All work is completed at the courthouse and is full insured for E&O.

 Phone: 817-948-5405  | Email Mark | Linked In Profile  |


Maria Lovato - Oil & Energy Professional

Working with multiple brokers for Mineral Title, Surface Ownership, Lease Checks, Due Diligence and Curative.

Phone: 830-513-5301 | Email Maria | Linked In Profile


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