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A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border



The Federal government has taken positive steps to secure its borders, but much more is needed to combat an increasingly powerful, sophisticated, and violent criminal network which has been successful in smuggling illegal contraband, human or otherwise, into our country. The growth of these criminal groups, along the Southwest border, and the potential for terrorists to exploit the vulnerabilities which they create, represents a real threat to America’s national security.

It is imperative that immediate action be taken to enhance security along our nation’s Southwest border. Greater control of the border can be achieved by:

  • enhancing Border Patrol resources, including expanding agent training capacity, and technical surveillance abilities;

  • constructing physical barriers in vulnerable and high-threat areas;

  • implementing state-of-the-art technology, cameras, sensors, radar, satellite, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to ensure maximum coverage of the Nation’s Southwest border;

  • making permanent the “catch and return” policy;

  • expanding the use of the expedited removal policy;

  • establishing additional detention bed space;

  • improving partnerships and information sharing among Federal, State, and local law enforcement;

  • building a secure interoperable communications network for Border Patrol and state and local law enforcement;

  • mandating a comprehensive risk assessment of all Southwest border Ports of Entry and international land borders to prevent the entry of terrorist and weapons of mass destruction and

  • promoting both international and domestic policies that will deter further illegal entry into the United States.

  • Enhancing intelligence capabilities and information sharing with our Mexican counterparts and improving cooperation with the Mexican government to eradicate the Cartels.

The Subcommittee will continue its investigation of border security matters and plans to issue a more comprehensive report on the entire Southwest border. The Subcommittee will hold future hearings, as warranted, on border security.




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