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Life in Williamson County Texas 1850 - 1950

Williamson County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

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Edward Wykes on his porch in 1914Edward Wykes on his porch in 1914

In 1914 Edward Wykes, age 20, relaxes on his porch in Oakalla Texas smoking a very long stemmed pipe.

Liberty Hill School in 1902Liberty Hill School in 1902

In 1902 twenty four boys, and twenty three girls posed with their teacher at the Liberty Hill School in Williamson County Texas.

Leaving Liberty Hill Texas in 1913Leaving Liberty Hill Texas in 1913

In 1913 Ruby Forbes Wykes left Liberty Hill Texas for New Mexico at age 17 to homestead land and teach school. She did both and lived in a dugout for six years alone to homestead the ranch which is still in the family. In this photo she is shown with her brother Ed in a wagon carrying her cistern pulled by two donkeys as she prepares to begin her journey . . . Read more See full size.

Georgetown Texas Main Street in 1900Georgetown Texas Main Street in 1900

In this remarkable old photo of Georgetown Texas in 1900 well dressed people wait on the side walk for someone to arrive and three dogs sniff at the pants of three men waiting on the street

Birdseye View Georgetown Texas in 1880sBirdseye View Georgetown Texas in 1880s

Huge, amazingly clear birdseye view of Georgetown Texas in the 1880s

Downtown Georgetown Street Scene in 1920'sDowntown Georgetown Street Scene in 1920's

Very nice, very large photo of Downtown Georgetown Texas in 1920

Stockton Family in Bartlett Texas in 1896Stockton Family in Bartlett Texas in 1896

17 members of the Stockton family posed for this family portrait in 1896. Even the smallest child had shoes, a mark of wealth for families at the time . . . take a closer look at this remarkable old photo

Georgetown Public Square in 1909Georgetown Public Square in 1909

Horse-drawn carriages, horses and pedestrians crowd the dirt street in this rare old photo of downtown Georgetown Texas in 1909 . . . see it full size

Bartlett Texas Main Street in 1910Bartlett Texas Main Street in 1910

The rocky dirt main street Bartlett Texas was a busy place in 1910 with street filled with horse drawn freight wagons and horses while shoppers walk the wooden sidewalk . . . zoom in

Milk Truck in Granger Texas 1912Milk Truck in Granger Texas in 1912

Very large highly-detailed photo of a milk truck in Granger Texas in 1912. The model T truck is loaded with milk cans probably collected from local farmers and on the way to processing and bottling . . . see it full size

Soda Fountain in Taylor Texas in 1939Soda Fountain in Taylor Texas in 1939

In 1939 a stylish woman looks watches out the window of a drug store in Taylor Texas while other patrons face the bar and the proprietor looks outward toward the door. This photo is so clear you can read the stack of Sweetheart Stories magazines on the counter . . . see for yourself

Georgetown Texsas Street Scene in 1940sGeorgetown Street Scene in the 1940s

Downtown street scene in Georgetown Texas in the 1940s features period cars parked in front of Gold's Dept Store, Edward's Cafe, another cafe offering Fried Chick Burgers and a hardware store . . .

Main Street in Taylor Texas in 1930sMain Street in Taylor Texas in 1930s

Old post card depicts Taylor Texas in the 1930s with visible stores including Preslar & Dewitt Pharmacy and Kelly Tires . . .

Painting Traffic Light in Taylor Texas in 1939Painting Traffic Light in Taylor Texas in 1939

Man paints traffic light in front of the Chas Stasny Cafe which also has a man working on a ladder in Taylor Texas in 1939 in this crystal clear photo

Feed Mill Worker in Taylor Texas in 1939Feed Mill Worker in Taylor Texas in 1939

In 1939 a feed mill worker in Taylor Texas demonstrated how his Letz mill turns corn stalks into milled livestock feed


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