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Life in Wheeler County Texas 1850 - 1950

Wheeler County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from Allison, Briscoe, Mobeetie Shamrock and Wheeler Texas saw it.

Wheeler County Courthouse in 1939Wheeler County Courthouse in 1939

Here's a wonderful old photo of the Wheeler County Courthouse in Wheeler Texas as it appeared in 1939. This was the third courthouse for Wheeler County and was built in 1925.

Shamrock Texas Car Wreck in 1957Shamrock Texas Car Wreck 1959

Near a large billboard for the Shamrock Motel and Restaurant a car falls off the road into a deep ditch in 1959

Shamrock Texas Gas Station & Cafe 1940sShamrock Texas Gas Station & Cafe 1940s

Very large image of a popular Conoco gas station and cafe in Shamrock Texas in the 1940s

1889 Mobeetie Texas Jail1889 Mobeetie Jail

Two women, a man and three children posed in front of jail in Mobeetie Texas shortly after it was completed in 1889.

J.J. Long General Merchandise in Mobeetie Texas in 1880J.J. Long General Merchandise in Mobeetie Texas in 1880

In 1880 six men and a man in a two horse buggy posed for this photo of the J.J. Long General Merchandise store in Mobeetie Texas

Knights of Mobeetie Texas 1885Knights of Mobeetie Texas 1885

In 1885 members of the Knights of Mobeetie posed for this remarkable photo from Mobeetie that included ten men and a woman.

Mobeetie Texas Post Office in 1880Mobeetie Texas Post Office in 1880

Five men including a Buffalo Soldier posed for this photo post card in front of the Mobeetie Post  Office in 1880s.

Main Street in Mobeetie in 1905Main Street in Mobeetie in 1905

Rare old image of main street in Mobeetie Texas in 1905 shows a buggy and a horse-drawn wagon and several pedestrians on the dirt street

Land Title office in Mobeetie Texas in 1914Land Title office in Mobeetie Texas in 1914

The land title office in Mobeetie was a very busy place with four men working hard to keep up with the land rush in this large highly-detailed photo of the interior.

Downtown Wheeler Texas in 1940sDowntown Wheeler in 1940s

1940s photo of Wheeler Texas shows cars parked in front the Cafe & Market and Picketts Thrift Store

US Cavalry from Fort ElliottUS Cavalry from Fort Elliott

US Cavalry from Fort Elliott mounted troops with Indian scouts in the foreground and a lone rancher watching. Fort Elliott was the United States Army outpost in the eastern Texas Panhandle from 1875 to 1890

Vernon Hardcastle building home in 1939Vernon Hardcastle building home in 1939

Vernon Hardcastle working on his new home he's building for his family in Wheeler County, Texas in 1939

Little Girl in Shamrock Texas in Early 1900sLittle Girl in Shamrock Texas in Early 1900s

In the early 1900s a little girl posed for this portrait at the Hays Studio in Shamrock Texas


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