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Life in Swisher County Texas 1850 - 1950

Life in Swisher County 1850-1950

Swisher County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors Tulia, Kress, Happy, Love and Vigo Park saw it.

Tulia Drug CoTulia Drug Co

Sometime in the early 1900s tje Tulia Drug Company produced this postcard to advertise their store and the goods they sold

Williams Family in Kress Texas in 1943Williams Family in Kress in 1943

Mary, Jack and Vida Williams in Kress Texas in 1943. The old grain elevator can be seen in background. Photo courtesy Jack Williams

Swisher County Picnic Parade in 1911Swisher County Picnic Parade in 1911

This entry in the 1911 Swisher County Parade appears to feature a monkey perched above two young ladies riding in a carriage won first place, and represented Tulia Bank and Trust

Clayton Family in Tulia in 1890sClayton Family in Tulia in 1890s

Swisher County Pioneers James Madison Clayton and Mary Elizabeth Barnes were married in October 1865 in McNairy County, Tennessee. They moved to the Plains in 1890, homesteading several sections northeast of Tulia.

Chevrolet Dealership in Happy Texas in 1930sChevrolet Dealership in Happy Texas in 1930s

The Montgomery Motor Company offered Chevrolet's and fuel pumped from a visual pump to customers in Happy Texas in the 1930s ...

L. C. Klein Land Company in Happy in 1920sL. C. Klein Land Company in Happy 1920s

Sometime In the 1920s customers and a man on an early motorcycle posed at the the L. C. Klein Land Company located on the south side of Main Street in Happy Texas it was later used as the post office

Tulia Public School in 1907Tulia Public School 1907

In 1907 staff and students turned out for this amazing old class photo of the Tulia Texas School District.

Northwest Corner of Square in Tulia  Texas in 1918Northwest Corner of Square in Tulia in 1918


Patriotic Parade in Tulia Texas in 1909Patriotic Parade in Tulia Texas in 1909

In July 1909 decorated early cars and horse drawn wagons paraded on the dirt streets of Tulia Texas past the South Plains Land Company and the Plaza Restaurant

EW Jackson's Alfalfa Farm Near Tulia Texas  in 1909EW Jackson's Alfalfa Farm Near Tulia in 1909
Man with Car in Tulia in 1920sMan with Car in Tulia in 1920s

In the 1920s an unknown man posed with his Model T for this huge highly-detailed photo in Tulia Texas

Tulia's First Fire TruckTulia's First Fire Truck
2 Men in a Room 1910ís TuliaTwo Men in Their Print Shop 1910ís Tulia

Sometime in the 1910s at 7 o'clock, two men posed for this remarkably well defined photo inside their print shop in Tulia Texas. Behind them is their book press and examples of their work pinned to the wall.

Downtown Tulia in 1910sDowntown Tulia in 1910s

Downtown Tulia Texas was a busy place when this photo of was taken showing well dressed people and Model T cars on the dirt street.

Tulia Texas High School in 1915Tulia High School in 1915

Large photograph of the Tulia High School with students walking on the grounds and windmill and tank that supplied water for the facility.

Tulia Fire Department in 1930sTulia Fire Department in 1930s

Some time in the 1930s, firemen and a couple of admiring young boys posed in front of City Hall with their fire truck in Tulia for this wonderful capture of the history of Tulia Texas

Tulia Courthouse Postcard in 1933Tulia Courthouse Postcard in 1933


Dust Storm in Swisher County in 1935Dust Storm in Swisher County in 1935

In 1935 a family tries to flee the inevitable onslaught of a sand storm near Tulia Texas before it overtakes their car.

1947 School Bus in Tulia Texas1947 School Bus in Tulia Texas

Great old photo of a man and his daughter posing in front of a school bus parked in front of his home in Tulia Texas in 1947

Tulia Family at Home September 1947Tulia Family at Home September 1947

In 1947 a man, his mother, little girl and family dog posed on their front porch in Tulia Texas.


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