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Life in Scurry County Texas 1850 - 1950

Scurry County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Scurry County as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from Fluvanna, Hermleigh, Ira and Snyder saw it.

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Ruby, Carl and Claude HutchersonRuby, Carl and Claude Hutcherson

The Hutcherson Family in Fluvana Texas in 1913

"Almost faded away, my grandmother, her dad and my Uncle ...the Hutcherson family...I knew them all," Brent Lemons.

Carter Boys Ford Service StationCarter Boys Ford Service Station

In the early 1900s a man posed with his two little boys in front  of the Carter Boys Ford Service Station in Hermleigh Texas

West Texas Girls College St Mary's Hall 1910'sWest Texas Girls College St Mary's Hall 1910's

1910s Photo postcard of West Texas Girls College and St Mary's Hall in Snyder Texas shows horse drawn carriage and man on bicycle.

Bridge Street Snyder Texas Late 1800sBridge Street Snyder Texas Late 1800s

Great old photo of Bridge Street in Snyder Texas in late 1800s shows Snyder Mercantile Co, hotel and a lone horseman going down the dirt street

Scurry County Courthouse in 1886Scurry County Courthouse in 1886

In 1886 early pioneers of Scurry County posed in front of the Court House

Scurry County Courthouse in 1920s Scurry County Courthouse 1920s

Very nice old photo of the Scurry County Courthouse in Snyder Texas in the 1920s

Watermelon Days in Scurry CountyWatermelon Days in Scurry County

Life was hard in Scurry County Texas in 1912 but after a hard day's work on the farm, cutting a ripe watermelon was an occasion that called for a photo. Cutting two was a special treat. In this photo, Claude Hutcherson stands with knife in hand ready to open the delicious treat while his son Carl and daughter Ruby wait patiently.

Daring Girls of Scurry CountyDaring Girls of Scurry County

In 1899 eight daring young women and a boy climbed to a precarious perch on a rock formation overlooking the caprock in Scurry County Texas to pose for this interesting photo.

Fluvanna School in 1910Fluvanna School in 1910

So many students in Fluvanna Texas in 1910 it took a huge wide-angle photo to capture them all

Alonzo Pierce & Son Store in 1910 SnyderAlonzo Pierce & Son Store

In 1910 Alonzo Pierce and his son, Dupont Pierce posed in their store in Snyder Texas

Claude & Ruby Hutcherson in 1913 Fluvanna TexasClaude & Ruby Hutcherson in 1913 Fluvanna Texas

Sometime in 1913 Claude Hutcherson and Ruby Hutcherson posed for this great old photo in Fluvanna, Scurry County, Texas.

1911 Post Card of Snyder Texas1911 Post Card of Snyder

This post card from 1911 provided two views of Snyder Texas, a steam locomotive beside the Snyder Lumber Co and a birds-eye view of the city.

Fluvanna Texas in 1914Fluvanna Texas in 1914

In 1914 Carl Hucherson (in the driver' seat), Ruby Hutcherson (standing on the running board and Claude Hutcherson on his horse posed for this very nice old image of early life in Scurry County Texas . . . photo courtesy of Brent Lemons

1920s Bus in Ira Texas1920s Bus in Ira Texas

Sometime in 1925 Ruby Giddens and a friend posed on an early bus in Ira Texas for this amazing image of life in Scurry County in the 1920's

Five Children on MuleFive Children on Mule

In 1913 five children from the Hutcherson family climbed aboard their grandfather's patient mule in Fluvanna Texas while three more children wait for their turn.

Park House and Car in 1919Park House and Car in 1919

In 1919 Trixie Park, Pat Jones, Russell Jones and Eula Mae Hoy posed in front of the Park home in Fluvanna with their car

Park Family with Car in 1920sPark Family with Car in 1920s

Sometime in the 1920s the Park Family posed with their car near Fluvanna Texas. Lorena and Trixie Park at left and F.W. Park is in the car.

Fluvanna School Girls in 1917Fluvanna School Girls in 1917

In 1917 six girls from the Fluvanna School posed in some type of uniform. Two of the girls have been identified as Trixie Park 2nd and Josie Hoy 3rd in the line.

Fluvanna School in 1915Fluvanna School in 1915

Twenty students posed for their class photo in 1915 at the Fluvanna School. The boys are holding items from their favorite sport and oddly one young girl seems to be peering from the window.

Baptism in Fluvanna in 1916Baptism in Fluvanna in 1916

In 1916 a large crowd gathered near Fluvanna Texas for an outdoor Baptism. Anyone know what the two men standing knee-deep in the water are holding?

Fishing Bottomless Hole Near Fluvanna TexasFishing Bottomless Hole Near Fluvanna

In 1912 Ruby Hutcherson (Lemons) and Claude Hutcherson were fishing at a place they called Bottomless Hole near Fluvanna Texas in Scurry County when someone captured this beautiful image. Bent Lemons contributed this photo of his grandmother and Uncle Claude

Possum Trot School in 1907Possum Trot School in 1907

This 1907 photo of 21 students at the rural Possum Trot School which is believed to have been in either Borden or Scurry County Texas includes the names of three of the students identified  by Irene Hutcherson. Photo from the  Brent Lemons Collection

Downtown Snyder Texas in 1920sDowntown Snyder Texas in 1920s

Model T cars and trucks on wide dirt street in front of National Business Co,. J. W. Templeton Groceries, Variety, Drug and other stores in downtown Snyder Texas in 1920s . . . View full size

Flood in Snyder Texas 1924Flood in Snyder Texas 1924

In this 1924 photograph, M.E. Rosser watches Deep Creek rise from outside his home in Snyder Texas. The Scurry County jail is in the the background . . . view full size

Joe York on his horse Old GloryJoe York on his horse Old Glory

Popular rodeo cowboy Joe York competes in a roping event on his horse, Old Glory. He paid $200 for the horse which he borrowed from Snyder National Bank. . . . View full size Read more

Digging First Oil Well in Scurry County 1924Digging First Oil Well in Scurry County 1924

These men are digging the discovery well of the Sharon Ridge oil field, J.J. Moore No. 1. This was the first oil well in Scurry County and began production in 1924. The man in the center is Pat Moor . . . Read more and see full size

Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1925Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1925

In this photograph from 1925, the Palace movie theater in downtown Snyder advertises Zane Gray's The Light of the Western Stars. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Lollar opened the Palace theatre in 1925 and . . . view full size continue reading

Entrance to Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1930Entrance to Palace Theatre in Snyder in 1930

Detailed photo of entrance to The Palace Theatre in Snyder with manager and staff standing next to ticket booth in 1930.. By April 1954 all five Snyder theatres were owned by the Lola family. Theaters included . . . View full size Read more

Bob Hope in Snyder Texas in 1952Bob Hope in Snyder Texas in 1952

J.D. Scott holds Jan Johnson up to meet Bob Hope on one of the entertainer's visits to Snyder in the 1950s . . . View full size

Jerry Fuller Ready to Pick Cotton in 1940'sJerry Fuller Ready to Pick Cotton in 1940's

All suited up and holding bag she will drag behind her and fill with cotton. The cotton will be weighed and dumped into the trailer behind her. When full, the trailer will be towed to the nearest cotton gin . . . View full Size

Humble Gas Station Snyder 1940sHumble Gas Station Snyder 1940s

Huge photo from 1940s post card shows Humble Gas Station in Snyder Texas with 40s model cars parked beside it . . . see it full size


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