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Life in Scurry County Texas 1850 - 1950

Scurry County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

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Downtown Snyder Texas in 1920sDowntown Snyder Texas in 1920s

Model T cars and trucks on wide dirt street in front of National Business Co,. J. W. Templeton Groceries, Variety, Drug and other stores in downtown Snyder Texas in 1920s . . . View full size

Flood in Snyder Texas 1924Flood in Snyder Texas 1924

In this 1924 photograph, M.E. Rosser watches Deep Creek rise from outside his home in Snyder Texas. The Scurry County jail is in the the background . . . view full size

Joe York on his horse Old GloryJoe York on his horse Old Glory

Popular rodeo cowboy Joe York competes in a roping event on his horse, Old Glory. He paid $200 for the horse which he borrowed from Snyder National Bank. . . . View full size Read more

Digging First Oil Well in Scurry County 1924Digging First Oil Well in Scurry County 1924

These men are digging the discovery well of the Sharon Ridge oil field, J.J. Moore No. 1. This was the first oil well in Scurry County and began production in 1924. The man in the center is Pat Moor . . . Read more and see full size

Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1925Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1925

In this photograph from 1925, the Palace movie theater in downtown Snyder advertises Zane Gray's The Light of the Western Stars. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Lola opened the Palace theatre in 1925 and . . . view full size continue reading

Entrance to Palace Theatre in Snyder Texas in 1930Entrance to Palace Theatre in Snyder in 1930

Detailed photo of entrance to The Palace Theatre in Snyder with manager and staff standing next to ticket booth in 1930.. By April 1954 all five Snyder theatres were owned by the Lola family. Theaters included . . . View full size Read more

Bob Hope in Snyder Texas in 1952Bob Hope in Snyder Texas in 1952

J.D. Scott holds Jan Johnson up to meet Bob Hope on one of the entertainer's visits to Snyder in the 1950s . . . View full size

Jerry Fuller Ready to Pick Cotton in 1940'sJerry Fuller Ready to Pick Cotton in 1940's

All suited up and holding bag she will drag behind her and fill with cotton. The cotton will be weighed and dumped into the trailer behind her. When full, the trailer will be towed to the nearest cotton gin . . . View full Size

Humble Gas Station Snyder 1940sHumble Gas Station Snyder 1940s

Huge photo from 1940s post card shows Humble Gas Station in Snyder Texas with 40s model cars parked beside it . . . see it full size


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