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Life in Reagan County Texas 1850 - 1950

Reagan County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Big Lake, Best and Texon Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Wild Horse RoundupWild Horse Roundup

Wonderful photo of a wild horse roundup at Centralia Draw in Reagan County Texas in the late 1800s to early 1900s

Big Lake 3rd Grade Class 1930Big Lake 3rd Grade Class 1930

19 boys and 6 girls posed with their teacher for their 1930 -1931 third grade class photo in Big Lake Texas

-S Ranch in Reagan County 1915-S Ranch in Reagan County 1915

Eleven Members of the -S ranch in Reagan County in 1915 with their horses and wagons. The -S was one of the pioneering ranching enterprises which eventually established the Rocker B ranch which is owned by the Texas Scottish Rites Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Hotel Doran in Big Lake in 1920sHotel Doran in Big Lake in 1920s

Rare photo of Hotel Doran in Big Lake Texas in 1920s with every parking space taken. Read the the benches that advertise the Texas Lumber company in Big Lake.

Best Texas in 1924Best Texas in 1924

In 1924 in downtown Best Texas men posed beside their Model T cars and trucks

Downtown Big Lake Texas in 1920sDowntown Big Lake Texas in 1920s

Huge photo of the Post Office in 1920s at Big Lake Texas in the Nelson & Nairn store advertising Peters Shoes. In the foreground are some vintage cars and in the background a covered wagon with horses.

J. Ray McDermott & Company in Best Texas in 1925J.Ray McDermott & Company in Best Texas in 1925

Three men in front of the J. Ray McDermott & Company Rig Contractors office in Best, Texas in 1925

Oil Field Workers in Texon Texas in 1920sOil Field Workers in Texon Texas in 1920s

In the 1920s two men posed for this highly detailed photo on their rig

Mustang Motel in Big Lake Texas  October 1, 1948Mustang Motel in Big Lake October 1, 1948


Reagan County Texas  Courthouse in 1939Reagan County Courthouse in 1939
Residential Street in Texon Texas in 1920sResidential Street in Texon Texas in 1920s

Texon Texas in the 1920s was an oil company town when this beautiful picture of a well-maintained residential area the company provided to their workers

Woman and Little Boy in Best, Texas in 1920sWoman and Little Boy in Best, Texas in 1920s

Some time in the 1920s in the town of Best, Texas a woman and a little boy posed for this very nice photo


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Reagan County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Reagan County Unclaimed EstatesThese Deceased Residents of Randall County Left a total $6,051 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Big Lake and Reagan County Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office. . . see the list

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