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Life in Oldham County Texas 1850 - 1950

Oldham County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Bess Glava with PuppiesBess Glava with Puppies

Sometime in the 1910s Bess Glava filled her arms with puppies and showed them off in Vega Texas

Millie Glava with Wooly ChapsMillie Glava with Wooly Chaps

Millie Glava posed for this photo in her wooly chaps and rifle around 1910 in Vega Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Glava in Vega Texas 1910Mr and Mrs Glava in Vega 1910

Very nice photo of Mr. and Mrs. Glava in Vega Texas in 1910. Mr. Glava has his pistol tucked in his waistband.

Oldham Hotel in Vega in 1910Oldham Hotel in Vega in 1910

The Oldham Hotel was a beautiful building in Vega Texas in in 1910. Note Mr. Glava has a pistol in his waistband.

Vega Texas School Bus in 1920sVega Texas School Bus in 1920s

In the 1920s a man posed with two little girls in Vega Texas posed in front of the Vega Independent School Bus

Cowboys Make a Mail Stop in 1907Cowboys Make a Mail Stop

In 1907 two cowboys in Oldham County Texas were caught on film anxiously going through mail searching for news from loved ones outside the ranch. View full size

Tascosa Courthouse Election Day 1911Tascosa Texas Courthouse Election Day 1911

On election day in 1911 a photographer caught local residents waiting to enter the Tascosa Courthouse. The Tascosa Courthouse served 12 counties in the Texas Panhandle. It was the site of trials for killings that filled Boothill Cemetery until 1915 when Tascosa had a courthouse and almost no residents . . . see large photo

Dugout House on LS Ranch in 1907Dugout House on LS Ranch in 1907

When pioneers ventured on to the Texas panhandle they encountered an environment almost void of trees or other building materials. For shelter, they scooped out a hole in the ground, built short walls above ground with rocks or logs and roofed it with hides, sod or thatch. Dugouts were situated . . . Read more See full Size

Cowboys Break a Horse in 1907Cowboys Breaking a Horse in 1907

In 1907 two cowboys break a horse in one of the LS Ranch corrals in Oldham County Texas . . . Take a closer look

Main Street Tascosa Texas  in 1910Main Street Tascosa in 1910

Photo of Main street in Tascosa in 1910 shows horse drawn wagon on dirt street and two residents on porch of local store. Once called the Cowboy Capital of the World, it was the largest city in Oldham County . . .  Read more See full size

Frenchy McCormick and Louis Bousman in Tascosa 1934Frenchy McCormick and Louis Bousman in Tascosa 1934

Frenchy McCormick was a subject of Texas folklore and the belle of old Tascosa. Louis Bousman was a Deputy Constable and part of Pat Garrett's posse which tracked down Billy the Kid. According to legend a cowboy gave Frenchy  her nickname because  . . . Read more See full size

Cowboys in Saloon in Tascosa in 1907Cowboys in Saloon in Tascosa in 1907

Cowboys in full regalia stand at bar in saloon in Tascosa as barkeep looks a little incredulous at one mustached cowboy in 1907 in this highly detailed photo . . . zoom in

Mule-drawn Chuck Wagon LS Ranch in 1907Mule-drawn Chuck Wagon LS Ranch in 1907

In 1907 an unknown photographer captured this photo of a chuck wagon laden with gear as it tops a hill in Oldham County Texas


LS Ranch in Oldham County in 1907LS Ranch in Oldham County in 1907

Cowboy moves six horses up a hill on the LS Ranch near Vega Texas in 1907 . . . View full size

Steam Powered Tractor Vega Texas 1910Steam Powered Tractor Vega Texas 1910

In 1910 a tractor salesman demonstrated a steam powered tractor on a farm near Vega Texas . . .  see full size image

Cowboys Outside Vega Cafe in 1950Cowboys Outside Vega Cafe in 1950

Three cowboys linger outside the Vega Cafe in 1950. Interesting gear can be seen and faces can be identified in this old photo . . .  Look closer

Kozy Kottage Kamp in Adrian Texas in 1940sKozy Kottage Kamp in Adrian Texas in 1940s

In the 1940s the proprietor posed with two women and a man in front of the Kozy Kottage Kamp on Route 66 in Adrian Texas. The travel lodge featured modern cabins with private baths as well as a gas station . . . See full size

Boys Ranch Boys Doing Chores in 1940sBoys Ranch Boys Doing Chores in 1940s

Sixteen boys working hard to cleanup the grounds at Boys Ranch in the 1940s.
... see this huge photo full size


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