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Life in Motley County Tx 1800 to 1950


Motley County, Texas from 1800's to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. Click on photos to view larger.


Click on the photos below to see full size images
Family with Chickens at Turtle Hole in 1879Family with Chickens at Turtle Hole in 1879

Family poses at Turtle Hole in northeastern Motley County while their chickens run from photographer in 1879. A post office stop between Childress and Matador operated there for a short time . . . Read more view full size

Quanah Parker and his Wives in 1905Quanah Parker and his Wives 1905

Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief, and and three of his wives relax by the pond at Ballard Springs on the Matador Ranch in 1905

Cowboy Gets a Haircut on the Matador Ranch in 1908Cowboy Gets a Haircut on the Matador Ranch in 1908

Photo by famed cowboy photographer Erwin Smith . . . See full size photo

Motley County Railroad Opens in 1914Motley County Railroad Opens in 1914

Birdseye view of Celebration of the opening of Motley County Railroad in Matador Texas . . . look closer

Jim & Byrd Wideman Jackson Wedding Stephenville 1900

Wedding Photo of Jim and Byrd Jackson in 1900

From an article by Janelle Jackson Shirley from Matador Texas.

"Today was the day, the year 1922. All good-byes had been said and now it was time to walk out the door of their Erath County home for the last time. Ever since the decision was made to move to West Texas, Byrd had tried to reassure her children about leaving their childhood home for a new home in the west" . . . read more


Family Makes Camp Outside Matador Texas  in 1890'sFamily Makes Camp Outside Matador in 1890's

In the 1890's a family made camp outside Matador. Photo shows the Motley County Jail in background

Carouth Family Traveling to Terry County through Roaring Springs 1922Carouth Family Traveling to Terry County through Roaring Springs 1922

Carouth Family Stops in Roaring Springs in covered wagons on their way to settle in Terry County in 1922 . . . Take a closer look

Jeff Davis BooneJeff Davis Boon

Former Matador Ranch cowboy and owner of the Dew Drop Saloon Jeff Davis Boone was fatally wounded in the Motley County courthouse in 1892 when he picked a fight with newly elected Motley county Sheriff Joe Beckham . On September 21, 1892, a grand jury indicted Beckham for assault to commit the murder of Jeff Boon. The district judge moved the case to Floyd County (Floydada) . . . Read more

Matador Ranch Cowboys in 1940sMatador Ranch Cowboys in 1940s

Matador ranch hands pictured left to right have been identified as Unknown, Robert Thornton, Bill Hemphill, Wildhorse Melvin Warren (Wagon Boss), Rosie Deaton, Wishie Derickson, Alfred Irwin, Johnnie Cavitt, Cliff Stevens, Polecat Vinson (Cook), Unknown, and Ellis Key. Photo is from E.D. Smith Collection . . . see full size

Matador Girls Basketball Team 1941Matador HS Girls Basketball Team 1941

Pictured from left to right, Jaunita Mize (manager), Mary Ruth Muse, Frances Carpenter, Eugenia Tilson, Mary Ellen Barton, Wandean Garrison and Coach Hugh Grey. Second Row: Ruby Burton, Janell Jackson, Ruth Jameson, Lucille Plumlea and Grace Lavern Tilson ... See full size


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